My Avengers Team.

These men and women are specifically assembeled as part of a council and super team to deal with Super Villainy on a global scale. With constant threats from Aliens, Dr.Doom, and parallel universal beings (reed richards), each person has something to bring to the table while other heroes can rest and be called upon if needed.

List items

  • Just steve rogers super cop. he is the tactical leader and the moral compass which would help keep the team working together.

  • Though appearing self centered or stuck up, she has best interest of her people in mind as well as the children that are still left of the mutant race. story wise she makes a great dynamic as to agitate characters and keep her secrets.

  • Professor of sciences and a strong brute who is powered by the mystical wendigo spirits. which would make him slightly higher value and more avaliable for use in the group.

  • Not afraid to get into the fray, great representation of British will and drive to defend what is precious. story wise he will be arrogant as will make him stronger and faster.

  • Mutant from japan that would act as the human torch of the group. He makes for an interesting character who worked well in the X-men and should be given a chance in the Avengers.

  • Red Hulk is an old war dog. If anything he can be a great cranky old man who dislikes technology and makes fun of the younger members of the group. yeah he is super strong and can absorb cosmic energies and expel them as heat when he gets heavy into combat.

  • Need a marksman, clint would be far to busy with regular avengers and seducing every single woman on the planet to join up with this group. and its good to have a second generation character.

  • The Perfect clone of peter parker should be called in with his classic hoodie and red spandex as the witty spider-man of the group. he would be great for espionage and stealth missions.

  • Asgardian, With lots of free time and a thirst for adventure, this immortal would get a thrill of adventures pouring in from the 8 realms onto earth, after all they have great beer.

  • Janet has abilities in science, and makes a great female mother like dynamic to Kate Bishop. Her and Emma can get in each others faces but quickly put the men in their place when they team up.

  • Acts as a consultant to basic mystical arts apart from Doctor strange who tries to remain neutral. cool,collected, Canadian.


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I wish this was the real Avengers line up!
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I would definite;y read this line up.

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