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Highly Valuable Magical Items.

This is mainly an opinionated list. but it is not arranged in powerful order but more of just in general with the potential to cause large destruction even in the hands of a novice or amateur person who know the basics of magic.

List items

  • It has given many people in the past much power so it holds a spot on this list.

  • Primary weapon of Skeletor, though he never saw the true power of the staff itself. Not only does it enhance the casting power of its wielder but has the ability to tear open the universe to make a gate way to the dimension of Dispondos.

  • Dr.Strange uses this alot as it is usually the source of his power. holds much mystical energy.

  • Who so be deemed worthy to pick up this hammer shall be granted the powers of Thor. powerful, only catch is that only one who is worthy can pick it up. weakness is zero gravity.

  • The mystic eye of thundera that granted members of the royal blood line sight beyond sight. its mystic power was sought after by Mum-ra

  • Dangerous Norse Artifact that could be controled and destroy an entire planet if unleashed to total destruction. used by Odin and one time by Loki.

  • The ability to tap into immense amount of power to give its handler supreme strength that would rival that of superman (silver age, and bronze). But power can not be used by anyone outside the Grayskull blood line. Despite this its still a sword with magical durability to stand as much punishment He-man with his strength has put it through.

  • To know the fate of someone is a rare gift/ curse indeed.

  • Accumulation of all the mystic energy in the universe, or at least what the guardians thought.

  • Another powerful object in the possession of Dr.Strange.

  • The ability to become the avatar of Cyttorak and be a living juggernaut. BOOM!