Favored Events and Miniseries.

These are events, miniseries that ran which i have to admit need some light.

List items

  • One of my favorite events that ties into and probably the main event of what should be of Brightest Day.

  • It is a great idea to bring in signifigance to those old characters and bringing meaning back to the lives of those who died and have come back. if anything this event has brought more appreciation for the Hawks, Martian Manhunter, and Dove then what i ever would have thought.

  • oh man this was so awesome. this series made me less mad at time traveling.

  • This was an amazing and sad end to the run of Cable, technically he lives in the future still but its sad when you think of his inevitable end.

  • Most underrated story arch ever. and yet the marvel universe is like...whatever.. and walk away.

  • It was long and that would be the down fall to it. but the ending made it worth it. Note to Joss: Should have ended season Eight half way through and had the other half for season Nine.

  • This seems like such an interesting series. not for the fact of how fear affects people but the idea of another Asgardian God who was locked away on the earth. so im interested to hearing who this serpent really is.

  • Alternate timeline, always a great thing to touch on. I mean not even into the first issue and we have Doomsday working for the US government... AWESOME!

  • This was a great read, as this was the first crossovers i ever read as a child. so to me it has much nostalgia value as well it was a fairly well written story.

  • It is a classic series but set up further crisises.....further problems. but still a great read none the less.

  • I have to say this is turning into such an awesome series. it blew me away when you hear that cobra commander is dead. Though she won't do it. I would prefer Baroness to be the new Commander.