Comic Series Id work on 2.0

Okay for those of you who remember my last list. This is a more detailed as I would also have artists Id like to have working on the series I want.

List items

  • Artist: James Silvani.

    I would continue on from where Boom! Studios left off. After the loss of Negaduck we have gaps needing to be filled for villains. Keeping in the style of the series. Example: Hothead- Former extreme daredevil stunt man, altered by dangerous chemicals he was trying to jump, gave him the ability to create fireballs at will. Lives life dangerously, loves the thrill of the chase. Cat-tankerous is his #1 fan.

  • Artist: Scott Wegener or Brad Walker w/Andrew Hennessey or Ryan Ottley

    Idea is that James used the idea of his suit to create a self sustaining bullet train system across canada and into the mid west of the US, With the money he has made on Can-Am rails, he uses the funds to create his own school to educate and train children and teens that are mutant,magical, or highly intelligent. Pip the Troll as secretary; Shaman Vice Principle - Teacher of Biology and Defence against Dark Magic; General James Howlett (Earth-208, X-treme X-men) Teacher of Social Studies. Fandral -Co-Teacher of Self Defence; Volstagg - Lunch Gentleman/ Grounds keeper; Hogun - Co-Teacher of Self Defence; Emily Mclean- Academy counsellor/ Phys-ed teacher assigned by the Canadian Government (possible spy). Have yearly cross overs with Jean grey academy, Future Foundation, and Avengers Academy.

  • Artist: Pop Mhan

    Focus on He-man trying to maintain stability in Eternia, would have more of Skeletor creating chaos between nations and capitalizing on them, possibly gaining territory and conquering lands occupied by the horde.

  • Artist: Pop Mhan or Francis Manapul

    Fights the horde to regain control of Etheria at the same time building up the rebel forces. nuff said.

  • Artist: Ivan Reis or Georges Jeanty w/ Andy Owens and Michelle Madsen

    Ignore the movie serenity (not really) take the concept but stretch it out for 5 seasons, that way we get more adventures of the crew of the serenity that would build up to the events of the movie. depending on how well it goes do a post serenity series while the alliance is in shambles.

  • Artists: Various, mostly Francesco Francivilla

    I would take Detective to a whole new route. Rather than it just being focused on Batman, Id have 2 issue mysteries in gotham involving other characters. Gotham is big enough to shine the light on others besides Batman.

  • Artist: Gabrial Hardman

    He is an old war dog. This is a man who would choose death over retirement. he still has looming threats like General Fortean, Zero One, and Modok to keep him busy. Id create more villains and having him impose himself into other affairs else where.

  • Artist: Ryan Stegman or Dexter Soy (Depending on how serious I make it)

    I love the idea of Otto being spider-man, I do. Peter is different. I would slowly work on making Otto Parker lighten up as he gets more special people in his life. have him make genuine friends in his life. but at the same time give him the old parker luck. oh and Arrogant as all hell.

  • Artists: Pop Mhan

    There are many stories id do, but not for XI but for my own created Final Fantasy world. driven by one character who is thrusted to a pillar of power without wanting any of it. seriously he doesn't want any of it.