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Canadian Characters

This is my personal list of canadian characters who are ranked from best to least important. though some people may agree or disagree with this list.

Thanks to AMP-Seeker of lost knowledge, and DemonicBlade for additional add ons.

List items

  • Dr.Walter Langkowski, this man is awesome he has fought the likes of the wrecking crew and the super skrull by himself.

  • Personally i would have him lower. but he is a popular character in underground media.

  • James MacDonald Hudson would have been the best banner carrying character to wear the maple leaf in comic history. though more often he was short lived. one of the better leaders of Alpha Flight.

  • His compassion for all life makes him one of the most interesting characters ive met.

  • A mainstream Icon, where most of his history was forgotten. his current deeds in the united states makes his past forgettable, but not to canadians.

  • Tough man of the north. looks like he could snap your neck like a twig.

  • Best Redhead in the whole Marvel Universe. this spirited woman picked up the mantle of guardian when her husband James MacDonald Hudson was persumed dead.

  • Took the place of shaman in Alpha Flight, and later came back to be in Omega Flight to help fight off Demons and a Demon powered Wrecking Crew.

  • Techno wiz, there is nothing that this man can't do with computers. he is a canadian version of forge.

  • This man gets points for having the courage to come out and be the first hero in comic history for coming out and saying he is a homosexual. Now having the time to make his own X-treme sport.

  • How could I have missed Knockout i read Invincible constantly and completely gapped on her. With a chest size bigger than her head. nothing is more fierce than Knockout of the Guardians of the Globe. Recently though I have to mention this she did take out the fake boobs, she was flat before now she is back to being flat chested again. Good for her. MAJOR thanks to AMP for reminding me.

  • I always thought she was interesting cause of her mystical powers to transform. it was sad when she died.

  • Jeanne-Marie one of the saddest characters ive met, her life has been full of hardships, then developing split personality. puts Norman osborn to shame.

  • Not much can be said but that she was Canada's first female super hero from the golden age.

  • Worked with Invincible a couple of times and the Astounding Wolfman, Dated or is still dating Knockout and both of them represent Canada on the Guardians of the Globe. Again completely gapped that he was canadian.

  • Not the best person to wear the flag but his comics were still entertaining to this day.

  • Oh man.. a bouncer from Saskatchewan. who says Eh. this tiny little man is a Canadian euphemism rolled into a small black package.

  • Golden Age Hero; Now leader of the guardians of a post apocalyptic North America, he is one of the more interesting characters to grace the super hero genre. Comic is called: Northern Guard. Check it out.

  • I remember this goofball. He claimed to be the keeper of the northern lights and some sort of god or immortal. to me he was just a Canadian version of Hercules.

  • I liked his horse. yeah and the character was good too. its like Dan from street fighter.

  • Showed up in a few comics namely superboy and the ravers, She was a woman from canada who wanted to become a meta hero very much. Long story short she is an interesting character and thanks to AMP for the info. I knew of her but did not know she was canadian.

  • She too helped to make wolverine what he is today.

  • He is only down here just for the fact he is new to being a canadian hero but never having that mentioned in the comics yet.

  • Debating on mentioning him, Did not know he existed but apparently he was part of the global guardians in the DC universe. has powers similar to invisible woman. Thanks to AMP for the entry.

  • A noir style hero of Toronto, I did not know of him like at all. so thanks to DemonicBlade for the info on that. read the mini series its pretty cool.

  • Partner and Sidekick to Red Panda, costume looks cool, did not know of her as well. Credit to Demonicblade for this info.