Heroic Stats: He-man

Hey guys its me. If you know me, you know Im a He-man fan. I love talking about the series and I love the mythos as well. just a great blend of sci-fi and fantasy. you all knew this was coming when I decided to whip out my obsession to the public like some sort of trench coat wearing clinton. (topical humour, if this was still 1996). So after much work... not by me but friends who are actually good at science, we tried our best to compile what we think could be an almost definitive measure of He-man's capabilities, except for the aspects that are enhanced by magic.... so that much will be up to the writers.

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Height: 6 foot 5 inches

Weight: 350 lbs

Strength: No limit fully determined (but without Kordite Harness, can lift 8 quadrillion tons, can lift 80 quadrillion tons with harness on.)

Speed: Can sprint at 41-80 MPH (which is roughly 2x the fastest sprinter in the world, or 4x times faster if challenged.)

Durability: He-man on average has been shown to take around 55981.98 N and ends up disorientated for a second, that is equivalent to a 2 tonne car (which is average size) travelling at 62.6 Miles/hour. Suggests he can take more before becoming unconscious and reverts back to prince Adam. which would explain why giants keep throwing him into mountains....

Stamina: Thought this too can be augmented by the magic of the grayskull (or the star seed, which ever), he has consistently has done full sprints (see above) for as long as 6 mins at a time before getting tired. (Then again why would he when he has battle cat), Also been able to hold his breath under water for a time of 3 mins.

Agility: Based on acute awareness and his ability to manoeuvre/block/deflect most beams/blasts/and attacks. mostly coming from rayblasts. which would put his reflexes at 40 to 50 kph or 11.11 to 13.9 mps which is enough for him to get out of the way of a bullet or shot. has shown to leap 50 - 65 yards in a single bound.

So that was my post on this. Question time for you all, please feel free to leave a comment,; or don't. After seeing the most powerful man in the universes stats now. how do you think he measures up to your or any other hero or villain that you would like him to fight? Got any ideas in mind? feel free to share. -Good Journey


To understand is divine

"Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another."

- Emma Goldman

Geeks, nerds, jocks, goths, foodies, animalists, fashionistas, hipsters..etc. Each one of them are their own group in which we use to box in someone into an idea of how they act and present themselves. We as (I will say) People act as though we understand each other but in fact act in bias based on preconceptions of another person. Why is that?

I asked this question to myself recently. I asked why do we always try to look for someone who does the exact same as us. Why do we always try to fall into groups of people who act a certain way as we do? Well it seems we feel comfortable with people who share the same passions as we do. We become so focused on trying to cling to one another based superficially on someone who is the same as us.

Despite the internet and all the messages out there that we should try to embrace other people for their differences, Forcing people to embrace others is not going to get someone to like them. But in the end we just need to understand. despite all those different groups ive listed above. There is one commonality between them.... They have a passion for what they do. We all have a passion for something in different forms or another.

Passion for a hobby or fashion or just about anything positive or creative should be looked at not with eyes that say "Oh yeah they are cool in their own way, im just not into it."; But look at others with a set of eyes like "Wow that is awesome, That is super cool you are into that."

“Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn't suck.”

- Joss Whedon

Prime example. have you ever felt left out of a group? Have you ever felt like you do not fit in? Maybe if at some point someone would take the time to understand where you are from that you would be worth someone elses time or attention? I know I have, MANY TIMES. If we as human beings took the time to really listen and to understand where someone is coming from. We can move forward with a deeper understand and connection to ourselves and the world.

At the risk of being burned at the stake for such radical ideas. Maybe we should go back to what John Lennon said back in the Beatles. "All you need is love". With love comes understanding. it is a fundamental emotion that breathes into compassion and understanding. We understand our dogs and cats, because we love them. We start sensing their needs because we open ourselves up to them, even though they are not built the same as us. So who says that a flat out Anime cosplay geek and a Vegetarian world traveller can not ever see eye to eye?

So I close on this. If we truly want to move forward with the BEST possible future we must do this. create an understanding of yourself, learn to love yourself for who you are and what you have achieved in life. and soon you will begin to understand everyone else is the exactly the same as you are no matter how different we try to be. As the shunned comic geek I am, I forgive and love people no matter what. even if they annoy or piss me off. cause in the end I understand that they are only human.

"You may say im a dreamer, But im not the only one; I hope someday you will join us, then the world can live as one."

-John Lennon

Good Journey,

Troy Martin


CSA (Comic Service Announcement): Masters of the Universe series.

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I just finished reading issue 6 of He-man and the Masters of the Universe series. for those who have been wanting to jump onto the series but do not want to get into the middle of the story; the first story arc is now finished. Keith Giffen and Pop Mhan will be back at work for the series in issue 13.

Though I could go into detail what happened, but its great and you should read it. to be honest 1st issue was more of a setup anyways, but the story has been getting much and much better with each passing issue. issue 5 and 6 really peaked in terms of the story. and Keith Giffen established the new status quo for the series and for fans of both He-man and She-ra.

The biggest stigma for the series right now is that people have the idea it is similar to the 80's franchise. but really you have to throw that out. this is a more mature series that is not afraid to show blood and violence. Keith Giffen brought depth to the world and a sense of realism to something that seemed outrageous.

So jumping on... On October 16th Issue 7 of the series will be coming out. it will be the next story arc of the series so you can jump on in terms of following on an individual issue basis. Dan Abbnet will be writing this arc. Which I can't wait to see what he does. the second volume (covering the beginning of the ongoing series) will be out hopefully for Janurary of 2014. in the mean time you can catch up with Volume 1 to get the 6 issue miniseries as well as it will have a printed version of geoff johns digital copy of Sir Laser-lot.

This series is not for everyone. but I had to recommend it to a group id say this series is more for anyone who is reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I.Joe, or Transformer: Robots in Disguise. This is a great new interpretation of one of the 80's franchises. If you have the extra cash, I say spend $2.99 and pick up issue #7 and see if you like it. (im sure you will) for everyone else who has not been reading any of the series ive listed. This may not be for you. But if you want to read it issue 7 is your starting point for now till the trade comes out. if you can find the issues anywhere online from comic stores that can ship them out to you, all the better. anyways that is my CSA.

Good Journey



Off MY F***ING MIND!: Square Enix

Okay so I got into a debate with someone today at work about my treatment of Square Enix. that I am being unfair in my judgement of the company.

What the hell do you expect for about 10 years the company (while it has made progress in gaming graphics) has been abusing its #1 well known franchise by creating half ass'd story lines and 1 dimensional characters and sacrificing gameplay to tell these half ass'd stories in a beautiful animated sequences.

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Even the producer of FF 13 said they ignored the critics (aka: older fan base) to tell their story that they wanted to tell. If you were so F***ing focused on making your story; write a damn book or make a movie. I don't know if anyone in the industry has figured out. GAMES WERE MEANT TO BE PLAYED WITH LIKE A TOY!. not a bloody art movie that we have to hold down a button to play get to the next cut scene.

The company for the past while has lost much of its confidence from its fan base. Mainly from how it treats it fan base. Yoshinori Kitase partially blames north american audience for the lack of success for their games specifically FF 13.

"Gamers outside of Japan, who hadn't played the game yet, might have had some kind of preconceptions which might have led to a bit of overreaction, possibly. Having said that, the criticism of the game being too linear was sort of true, as well."

Blaming the fan base is not a good way to win customers over. From my understanding you want to win customers over by focusing on what customers liked in the past and how to enhance it. And they act as if they are confused on how this game could be a failure.

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Hell look at FF 14, the game nearly bankrupted the company because much of what people were initially seeing was HD conversion of FF 11 with a change to the job system or lack there of, It only has redeeming qualities because now the development team after Square Enix's stock took a nose dive that they finally thought about listening to its fan base on how to make the game more appealing to a mass audience.

Do not get me wrong the company has put out many good games that was not its main franchise. But it seems to show very little respect for the franchise and the fans who made it what it is today. Only now after their stock has plummeted and their CEO stepped down that they are hinting at going back to some grass roots, and by doing this they will rename FF versus 13 to FF 15. why? cause we do not want to give people the impression we were taking too long for a single title and announce this new game in which no way shape or form looks like the previous one we said that would be a seperate game from 13 which took us 3 years to put out after 12.

Now I am going to get the obvious complaints about this: Troy why do you hate the company so much? why not just stop buying/ playing the games?

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1. I don't hate the company I followed square enix (mind you I miss Square Soft) for longer than most of the youngsters on this site were even born. Final Fantasy was my second game I ever played. There is alot of nostalgia for me so I would like to see the company succeed at its endevours to pushing innovation. But I will not support any efforts to exploit a franchise or fan base to make a quick buck. games were about having fun to get away from reality, it was never about contridictory cheese dialogue or and cutting out gameplay so you could tell your story. Games were meant to challenge us, mentally and physically (manual dexterity), and yes sometimes give us great visuals. some where along the lines people forgot that is what games were all about.

4. (because I can't count) I stopped buying final fantasy games since 9. I bought 11. but played every other final fantasy game through friends and their consoles. Im not dumb enough to spend $90 on a collectors edition of 13. Ever since 9 ive been noticing a trend in rpgs coming from japan and some from north america is that they are starting to cut back on game play and focus more on cut scenes. It was then that I started to question why would I buy these games if they are slowly becoming interactive movies. so in the end im glad I did not spend money on those games otherwise id be beating my head against the wall. people who buy these games have to try to justify their purchase so they don't feel so bad for buying it in the first place.

In the end I wish nothing but hope for the company to get its act together and sometime just look back at where you came from and maybe improving what worked and fixing what didn't. it is possible to get the best of both worlds. unfortunately SE, is that you dug yourselves a hole when you made each FF game its own seperate universe. its easy to weave exposition into the story when you have a single world you are working on. make less work for you to do in terms of telling a story.

Discussion Question: Do you think the company should ignore the critics and do what it wants? or should they stop and think about what the current market is looking for in a game?


What the Stats?! Part 2: Durability

Back again for Part 2. Before if you missed part 1: Strength. We broke down and looked at the different levels of strength and how they could be measured for characters in comics or other fiction. Now we break into the world of durability where being different from strength means how much can a character take before major or severe damage starts to set in.

Please, BEAR with me....
Please, BEAR with me....

Now not everyone has a single knock out punch, so it is best to figure that durability would be based on the amount of pressure a character can take over a period of 2 minutes of repeated exposure to said pressure. So again we will set the standards of the average and then work our way up.


Some or many comic book or other fictional characters may have inconsistencies in their durability, this rating system is a matter of opinion and option for people to separate characters into their weight classes. this does not reflect on strength or how much they can do in terms of physical punishment.

Class levelTitleDescription
1FrailUnable to take up to 1/4 of their weight in repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out.
2Below AverageOnly able to take up to half of their weight in repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out.
3AverageAble to take up to their own weight in repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out.
4ToughAble to take up to 750 lbs of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking and major damage or chance of knock out.
5SuperCan take up to 2 tons of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out, slightly higher resistance to elements and more tensile skin making it harder to cut and can take impact from a bullet but can still bruise internal organs.
6Super Class 2Can take up to 200 tons of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out. Major resistance to elements; greater tensile skin making EXTREMELY harder to cut, and can take multiple impact from bullets before and major bruising to internal organs.
7Bullet ProofCan take up to 20,000 tons of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out. Super tensile skin, very improbable to cut unless weakness is exploited. Body is not harmed by fired bullets.
8TitanCan take up to 50 million tons of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out. Can survive a fall from a 50 mile drop, but would retain major bruising.
9GodlyCan take up to 100 quadrillion tons of repeated pressure for 2 minutes before taking major damage or chance of knock out. Can survive a fall from a 6200 miles, but would retain some minor to major bruising.
10LimitlessThere is no determined maximum weight that can be put on this character, usually based on dependencies.

So we broke it down. but what does the first few parts mean? well im glad you did not ask. Alot of the beginning we have to base on the idea of an average humanoid being. so based on that we could not just generalize. there is a difference between a 100 pound man and a 250 pound man. so their natural resistance to certain pressures can vary quite greatly. Based on the physical condition of the person as well as their natural or forced training. this can bring about higher or lower resistance or durability.

Next comes the variables. when it comes to things like Superman where his durability again can rise and fall based on sunlight and kryptonite. Hulk also see's a rise in durability though his initial relaxed he can take 150 tons of pressure. but due to regeneration and his anger levels he can go into greater upper limits. Same could be said for Iron man, as he has various armors designed to take higher limits of damage the more notorious being the Hulkbuster armor.

No Caption Provided

Again with Iron man, we should take into consideration any armors or items that would enhance a characters durability and reducing harm to that character. again Iron man has various armors designed for that sort of thing. Another one are characters with dual identities like Shazam! or He-man, their alter egos are greatly weaker until they call upon the magic powers to change them.

so hopefully this section has illuminated you on fictional durabilities and how to best judge them. especially for battles. stay tuned when Ill be back for part 3: Agility


What the Stats?! Part 1: Strength

Strength; for many it could me strength of character, for the general definition it would roughly mean how much they could lift. In terms of comics it works for both. but since we are not measuring a characters charisma we are focusing merely on the brute force alone. For the sake of this we are only having 10 class levels to keep it fairly simple. These classes are generic and can be applied any character.



Some or many comic book or other fictional characters may have inconsistencies in their strengths, this rating system is a matter of opinion and option for people to seperate characters into their weight. this does not reflect on durability or how much they can take in terms of physical punishment.

Class levelNameDescription
1Below AverageUnable to lift more than half of their own weight for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
2AverageThe standard in which they can lift up to their own weight for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
3PeakAble to lift up to 700 pounds for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
4SuperAble to lift up to 500 metric tons for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
5Class 2 SuperAble to lift up to 500,000 metric tons for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
6Demi GodAble to lift up to 500 million metric tons for 10 seconds before being heavily strained.
7World BreakerAble to lift up to 1 quadrillion metric tons for 10 seconds before becoming heavily strained, focused strength could shatter an earth class planet.
8Super World BreakerCan lift and move up to 70 quintillion metric tons for 10 seconds before becoming strained, Can shatter a Jupiter class planet with focused strength.
9GodlyCan lift and move up to 6.6 Sextillion metric tons for 10 seconds before becoming heavily strained.
10LimitlessThere is no determined maximum weight that can be lifted usually based on dependencies.

No Caption Provided

While it does vary for certain super class characters this is mostly due to variables that are means to increasing some of their strength. (Eg: Superman requires yellow or blue sunlight in order to increase his strength dramatically, Hulk has a relaxed base of 100 tons easily; but almost has not limit to his strength since he gets stronger the more mad her gets.)

Also it does help to take into account any items that would be adding to a characters strength. (Eg: Megingjord is Thor's enchanted belt that already doubles his immense strength, same with He-man and his Kordite battle harness which increases his strength by 10 fold.)

There are very rarely anyone who is in the class 1 strength category but its enough to have it there as a point of reference. usually a character who relies heavily on magic, speed or mental powers often does not need strength.

Class 2 covers pretty much the average humanoid character that lives but does not work out or does any outstanding physical activity that would warrant a stronger physique. So for most this is a guideline of where people with no powers would often sit.

Class 3 is often the section of characters who have undergone training of the body in order to lift more than themselves. just in case someone bigger might be coming along. this is often based on the persons weight because there are characters who are large in size but do not work out to set a standard number on them would be unfair in the situation. Often those like Batman who train themselves would fall under this category.

Beyond peak levels are pretty self explanatory as you start getting into the realm of supers and gods. so hopefully this section has illuminated you on fictional strengths and how to best judge them. especially for battles.


OTR: Man of Steel Review (Spoiler Free)

Im posting this as a blog cause the site is not allowing me to review it. so im posting it as a blog. (please note im half awake after the long ride home from seeing this movie and just worked 8 hours of work prior to this, forgive spelling errors)

The Good:

So I want to talk about expectations I came in with for the movie: I expected them to go over his entire history from being launched into space, growing up as a child all the way up to adulthood. We by pass all the tedious stuff and get the parts that are relevant to everything that is superman.

Everyone has made complaints across the internet saying this movie was going to be broody superman. when that was far from the truth, this movie is about one overall premise. Trust. trusting in oneself and others. Kevin Costner is a great adoptive parent. He keeps it real as jonathan kent. I mean in the fact, what do you do if you kid could very easily break the spines of anyone who ever pissed him off.

I have to say I loved the actors in the movie, Zod was spectacular and his character was there not as a gimmick but he had a purpose to be there, just as every other character did in this movie. I have to give props on the casting because these people really brought out the characters. I swear to god if someone complains about Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White, I will drop kick you back into the Matrix.

The Bad:

Okay so there is not much that is really wrong with the movie except this....Zod as the first villain....see my problem is Zod and what ever cronies he has should have been as a later challenge because of the power they would get from the yellow sun..etc etc. If anything why are not starting off smaller. or at least built up to Zod. I mean when this movie is done. who would we have in the next movie? Unless Lex Luthor decides to show up and "Up the game" that Zod tries to pull.

Oh and a little note to Gillette we still don't know how he shaves in this movie..


I loved this movie outside the small plot holes and other things, but over all, DC and Warner Bros, invested alot of money into making a more super hero orientated universe that was serious at them same time allowed for super powers. Well they pulled it off with flying colors.

If you guys are wanting to see Man of steel I definitely recommend 3D cause the boobs at Silver City gave us a free showing in 3D, If any of you were iffy on spending money on the ticket price for this movie I would say go see it. The problems they made in the past with DC Super movies....*Cough*... They fixed it in this epic blockbuster of a film.

Overall I give it a 5 red capes out of 5 Blue full body under armor suits.

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Dick Grayson: I'll miss you brother.

(Takes place after the events of Batman Incorperated #8)

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Dear Damian;

I don't know if you can read this. I don't know if there is such a thing of an after life. You never really cared especially when you just tried to put petty thugs into the after life just for stealing some candy. You were better than me kid. talented and had a strong resolve, The biggest thing that I HATE the most is that it had to be you. It should have been me. Me, I lived a strong life, you had so much to look forward too. Kissing your first girl, if you probably don't scare them off first with your collection of knives and swords.

Your dad Bruce has been quiet.. I just refuse to talk to him right now. It was not his fault. He has not returned home. I bought that game we said we were going to play. With all the sword fighting, Now I can't bare to look at it. You were always a pain in the ass. Why did you have to try to face him alone. you knew we always have to stall for back up. He was as big as bane you little bugger. Look what happened. I keep thinking back to that moment, WHAT IF.... How I could have possibly saved you and saved the day like we used too as a team.

Why? Why damian did YOU have to die? Like it was not bad enough that I lost loved ones in the circus, now I have to lose you. My partner, my friend, my brother. The one person I know I could rely on to cover my back in a pinch. Despite the fact you were a pain in everyones side but physical and mental. You have no idea how much you are loved and missed right now.

They say its easy to tell someone to accept the loss and let the wound heal, and its even harder to hear those words when it does happen. Its true. I have been going crazy since you left. You have been and always will be the best partner I have ever had, And the closest thing I would have had to a brother in my life. I hope that if there is an after life that you are in a place that makes you happy. Sleep well my brother. I will miss you. Always.

Love forever;

Richard Grayson


Universal Guide to Magic; Introduction

Magic, Magicka, Magery, Spiritualism, Shamanism.. There are many different names for a single form of reality manipulation known as magic. Whether you are reading this as a complete novice or an veteran spell slinger who wishes to see if there is simply more to know of this realm. Magic is a beautiful and deadly art that even the most experienced of users take caution and care into how they use it.

I guess we would start things off with the history of magic. its been there since the beginning. there..done. this is a subject much similar to talking about energy and the history of its existence to the very end of things.

For those who live in the realm of science, they often try to make scientific sense of the mystical arts. though much of it is hard to define. but the best way to define it is by talking to advanced scientists in the future. Which we did.... C'mon, Magic people. So best way to describe magic to you science types is this. Energy exists in its two simplistic forms matter and anti-matter. depending on the universe you visit one can not exist in each others universe without being volatile. Magic exists within your quantum string... (well depending when these notes exist).... theory. Our conciseness is connected to these super strings and wave lengths that have the ability to manipulate or change the reality around us.

Science can explain only the fundamental basics of magic but can not explain many realms of magic like conjuration like summoning creatures, making sentient objects or even enchanting, which is then even beyond their realm of science and understanding.

Now that I shamed the people of science, Lets look at magic in its two purist forms or ideologies. Chaos and Order. most people like to go with dark and light which is wrong. Chaos falls into the realm of simplistic casting but just requires just mental focus and little energy to work on. without the focus the chaotic types of magic can do just about anything except do the purpose it was meant to do. Which is why most fireball spells can often blow up in a casters face. Chaotic magic is the most dangerous but often has the biggest pay off, IF done correctly.

Order or Control Magic, often deals with high energy spells meant to gain control over certain parts of reality. Eg: Mind control, Dimensional portals, mind reading, enchanting and resurrection. the most difficult to pull off, sometimes even for a simple task of reading a mind. Most of these type of spells are often done as rituals to not only use some energy of the caster but also to take in nearby energy from the environment. Which is recommended for portals to be done over water, explanation in later chapters.

Now while I kept the forms of magic simple, we have to break into three separate sub categories in which magic energies exist. Arcane,Nature, and Divine. Divine I know right? this crazy mage is bringing religion into all of this. That is not true. Spiritualism does not mean religion by any means. Spiritualism just refers to a living creatures spirit. Divine is the purist form of spiritual energy, usually Divine energy can be gathered from a difficult ritual that turns regular nature energy to divine, But once channeled has some pretty amazing abilities it can perform. More often it is used for healing and making holy water. See Chapter 3

Nature energy is simplistic as it is the energy that exists in rocks, trees, animals, and matter filled objects in the universe. Which by itself is pretty simple. since there is abundant amount of matter objects in the universe you can gather this energy easily. most casters would often use their energy to start but can exhaust the caster much faster. while it is more dangerous to syphon energy from other people or objects be aware that taking energy from living things can kill them if too much is taken. See Chapter 3.

Arcane; the raw chaotic force that makes up the universe. where does not exist, there is arcane energy. its from this chaos that we have the universe today. isn't that grand?, Mind you its because of arcane energies that we have the universe we have today. ****ing demons.... thanks for that universe... This is the most dangerous of all energies to harness in terms of magical energy, since its pure chaos it is important that mental focus in harnessing it is EXTREMELY important. Be aware of the dangers... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. See Chapter 3.

Now that we have gone over the introduction to magic and the basics that exist in this universe. the next chapter we go into will focus on the caster itself and more of preparations for spells.

Table of Content:

Chapter 2 - Casters/Safety and Equipment (02/20/2013)

Chapter 3 - Magical Energies and Rituals

Chapter 4 - Beginner spells

Chapter 5 - Sigils and Runes

Chapter 6 - Advanced Spells and understandings

Chapter 7 - Prologue


Guide to Schools of Wizardry in North America

Harrison Road, Editor for MW Bugle;

Wizards Schools which is right for your child.

In this day and age now with an easy future to look forward too away from former dark lords, being more than 14 years since the Voldemorts death. People have been celebrating and more people are having children and life is good. but at the same time its not easy to know where to send you child for learning the integral arts of magic. As a parent of a 10 year old child more and more time I need to put down to where I want to send my kid. Each school has its own unique ways to offer education to any aspiring witch or wizard. Some even intergrate normle technology to stay ahead and try to bring the future of magic to us right now. So lets go through each school that exists in North America.

New Hogs:

Originally established back during the original colonies of north america, New Hogs was named in short of being a successor to Hogwarts School back in England. This is located near West Grand Lake in Maine. Built in the castle style in terms of its frame it later adopted more colonial housing architecture for the internal house cups to separate each house. being traditionalists Quidditch is still practiced here and many of top players from this school often go overseas to play in Quidditch world championship teams.


  • Traditional teachings / classes
  • Top Quidditch Facilities
  • Deep rich history


  • Old building
  • Expensive (125 Galleons per child for each year. $906.25 US/Can for those normie parents out there)
  • Old Belief Systems (its archaic in terms of old world teachings and does not really put effort into progress)


Based in the mountains of Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park, this school is the most advanced school of magic there is. Many of the top wizards and witches who go there not only learn about magic but mainly the integration of magic and normie technology. its because of this that kids who go to school here are not only going to have a small job in magic but also have the capabilities to run normie jobs at the same time. This is often recommended for normie parents who want to intergrate their lives with a more magical aspect of our world. Though they have a Quidditch field. its is not as funded of a sport as Seeker Wars a good old fashioned North american past time.


  • Cost of 36 Galleons per child for each year. ($261 for you normie parents)
  • Great Integration classes to prepare for a life in Normie or Magical sectors.


  • Poor sports funding


Located on the Queen Charlotte Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The school is located near Masset Inlet. The school focuses on traditional teachings but also offers more of natural magic and teaches more of the shamanism that focuses more on the aspect of nature and the creatures of the world. This is one of the leading academies that focuses so much on the study of creatures but magical and non and their role in magic itself. Though little integration of technology it does not shun the idea of trying to bring it in towards its teaching and ciriculum. Sports is also important in this school as it focuses on both Quidditch, Seeker Wars, and Dueling. it is a very well rounded school. but can only do so much when it is still built around an old castle.


  • Tradtional teachings from old and new world.
  • some normie technology integration
  • great sports programs


  • EXPENSIVE! breaking the bank at 150 galleons per child for each year. ($1087.25 for you normie parents out there)

Part 1 is done, more to come as we have more schools to visit across north america. check out our interactive blogs at Mediawizardbugle.com or sign up now for our newest deal and get Media Wizard Bugle Updates and News on your doorstep or on your Tablets for only 25 knuts a month, that is less than 11 sickles a year!. sign up now.

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