With numerous TV, big screen, and broadway credits to his name, Ernie Hudson is easily one of Hollywood's most recognizable personalities. His ability to portray a gamut of emotions has earned him the chance to play a wide range of characters over his career.

His most recent character is Captain Lubbock on NBC's Heroes, every Monday night at 8pm, as he tries to chase down Sylar and attempt to wrap his head around the concept of a world full of super powered beings at the same time.

Possibly his most famous character though is as Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters I, II, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

I had a chance to talk with the veteran actor about everything ranging from his favorite type of role to play to possibly nailing down some solid details about a third Ghostbuster movie.

CLICK HERE - to listen to my conversation with veteran actor Ernie Hudson.

-Ray Carsillo