BS'ing with Babs

It was a meeting of the minds. Two comic book geeks would enter and only one would leave...

Okay so it wasn't that epic, but it was a rare opportunity for me to talk to a hot chick who wouldn't run away (hopefully). This hot chick just so happens to be an editor for the second largest online comic book community and archive.

Sara Lima, geeks everywhere may know her better as "Babs", is an editor for, a branch of Whiskey Media. is set up as a community where geeks of all shapes, sizes, and orientations can come to share ideas and thoughts on one of our favorite mediums, comic books, via another one of our favorite mediums, the internet!

Sara, originally from the tri-state area by way of Brazil, was visiting family for the holidays when I lured her to one of our studios to chat about comics.

This video is the first part (of 3) of our near half hour sitdown as we discussed everything from comic book movie adaptations to the state of the comic industry itself. In this first part though, I just wanted to get to know a little more about our favorite first lady of Comicvine.

Ray Carsillo w/ Sara Lima of - Pt. 1