BS'ing with Babs - Part 2

My sitdown with Sara "Babs" Lima continues now with this, the second part of our three part interview. In this part of the interview, we discussed out mutual love of the Dark Knight and exchanged thoughts on DC killing off Bruce Wayne and their announcement of his return in April 2010.

We also discussed theories on who will appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 and what we thought of the first of this new video game franchise written by Paul Dini and starring many of the voices from Batman: The Animated Series.

Also, on behalf of my editor, Jared Bodden, and myself, we apologize if there is a drop in quality, but our computers have been on the fritz lately to say the least and it has been an adventure getting them off our harddrives. Excuses aside, without further ado, here is BS'ing with Babs...Part 2!
Ray Carsillo w/ Sara Lima of - Pt. 2