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Ron Frenz Interview at New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh

I had the chance to sit down with acclaimed comic book artist Ron Frenz over the holidays. We discussed how Ron and Tom DeFalco came about creating Spider-Girl and his extremely popular seven year run with DeFalco on Thor. We also discussed his current five issue mini-series bringing back his character from the mid-90s, Thunderstrike and if he hopes to somehow work this into bringing back the Thor Corps. 


Pat Olliffe Interview at New Dimension Comics in Pittsburgh

I had a chance over the holidays to sit down with acclaimed comics artist Pat Olliffe. We discussed some of Pat's more popular works such as the Untold Tales of Spider-Man and his being part of the stable of artists for DC's 52. We also discussed how he came to work with Jim Shooter on the new run of Mighty Samson, a former Gold Key property, now being done by Dark Horse. 


Jim Shooter speaks in Pittsburgh

At the 2010 Pittsburgh Comics and Collectibles Convention, I had the honor to speak with comics legend Jim Shooter. Jim is best known for creating Superman villain Parasite and serving as Marvel Editor-in-Chief from 1976-1987. Currently, Jim is serving as the primary writer for Dark Horse's new Doctor Solar and Magnus series. 
  -Ray Carsillo

Captain America: Super Soldier preview with SEGA

Hey there everyone. If you get a chance, check out my Captain America: Super Soldier preview from NYCC 2010 with Producer BJ Enriquez. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it. To see my other NYCC stuff that is more video game focused, feel free to peruse CGR Undertow on Youtube.  - Ray Carsillo     


Spider-Man Shattered Dimension review

 Hey there everyone. This might tick off a few people, but as I'm doing more video reviews now instead of written, I felt this might be a good way for me to still occasionally contribute to this community. Check out my review of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.    - Ray Carsillo  

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