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JD's top five favorite horror characters.

In this list, I give over my top five horror characters! Mind you, these are all just in my opinion. Hopefully I give you a good read, and I introduce you to some great characters as well.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • I know what you're thinking. "Chucky? Seriously? The doll?" Yeah. Actually. For more personal reasons than none. This doll used to scare the hell out of me as a kid. I used to have one of those "My First Buddy" dolls. When I saw this movie come on, it completely changed the way I looked at it. For so many years, this doll was my nightmare. It's the perfect nightmare for a child, actuallly. You see dolls as your friend, as a playtoy. Guarnteed, this movie could change any kid's outlook on them. Not like my parents LET me watch this, it kinda came on the TV Channel they were watching, some movie channel around Halloween time. About.. 16 years later, I sat down and watched the first movie again. I wasn't scared, but I was entertained. I thought the idea of a killer doll was brilliant, AND absurd. I immeditalty bought the rest of the series. This doll did leave an impact in two ways. One: This was my fear for so many years. There was a part when I was about, 15 where I loved all horror movies. They didn't bother me at all.. Chucky still did. Two: Probably the one fear along with swimming that I know I've overcome, and actually grown to love. Chucky is bad ass, small, and definitley creative. That's why he takes number one out of five.

  • This guy is great. No, really. This guy is just "groovy". Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness, and the comics that follow really highlight how cool a person with a chainsaw on his arm can be. I believe Ash has become an icon for horror movies, even to the point of going against Freddy and Jason, on that note, overcoming both of them. He's what you want in a bad ass that survives in a horror movie. He's not a random teenager running his mouth, he actually takes himself seriously. He doesn't run from the monsters, he fights right back just as hard. He doesn't let people go, he tries to fight for them. And he's not some super body builder on the football team, he's a clerk at S-Mart. The guy even had a run in with Marvel Zombies before. Ash Williams is all types of bad ass, and that's why he definitely takes the second part of my top five horror characters. Just remember to shop smart, shop S-Mart.

  • To me, The Candyman is one of the most underrated characters in horror history. With a chilling backstory that goes over his demise due to racist hatred and ignorance, The Candyman would rise again as the personification of evil. In the story, everyone percieves him as an urban legend. Most of the time, they're just too afraid to say it. Within good reason. The Candyman is harsh, chilling, but keeps in a delicate tone. He's straight up fearful. I believe this character should definitely be in many other top fives, just due to the chilling story that surronds this character, and what he can do to people. If you haven't seen the movie or read the comics, I definitely reccomend doing both.

  • On the topic of ruthless characters, when I think of ruthless, malicious, horrid, and just plain nasty, I think of Freddy Krueger. Freddy is a horror legend, without any doubt, and he's earned that right. Unlike Candyman, Freddy didn't have an innocent past. Not at all. While Candyman was taken down due to racist crimes, Freddy was taken down by a mob of angry parents. The reason the mob was after him? Oh, just for, y'know.. killing tons of children! This was before he was the nightmareish demon, this was in his first mortal life. His cause of death? Being burned alive. Years later, Freddy came back. Not in a mortal form, but in the nightmares of teenagers everywhere around Elm Street. These nightmares weren't just normal nightmares. He'd torture, he'd pick away at their body, he'd use all their fears against his victims. He was relentless, and he was cruel. Not to mention, each time they thought they got rid of the nightmare, he'd only come back. This cruel, relentless, no holds barred demon definitely deserves to make my top five list.

  • Now, you're probably wondering "Who's Rawhead Rex?" "Why isn't Jason on here?" Well, Rawhead Rex has definitely touched into my horror heart. Mind you, if you're religious, I wouldn't reccomend diving into this story with open arms. Rawhead Rex is a cruel, giant, brutish demon. He was summoned upon, and has a hate for everyone. Normally, one would think that a demon would be afraid of enterting any place that involves religion. This demon crashes through places of holiness, giving no one a safe haven. With a horrifiyng appearance, a horrifiyng attitude, and relentless agression, I'd definitely put him above Jason Vorhees, or most horror characters one would think of.

    If you need a good representation of what he looked like and did in the movie?

    That's a good link for him. I'd definitely reccomend ANYONE to this great character, movie, and novel. Rawhead Rex definitely will always have a place in any horror list I ever make, placing him in the fifth and last part of my top five horror characters.