JD's favorites!

These are just my favorite characters, that's all! Will update casually.

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  • Personally, he'd take my number one for favorite hero in general. This was my favorite hero as a kid, and I still look up to him.

    I respect any man who stands for freedom by any means, if it means going against the government, he will. He believes in freedom, truth, and justice.

    Not much to say here. All I know is, he's my favorite hero of all time.

  • I'm gonna be honest. I know this guy is overseen, overused, people dislike him. Fact of the matter is, I really don't care what people have to say about this guy. I think he's hilarious.

    I liked the original run with him, and I know people look down on the Daniel Way version, but I think that's even pretty awesome. I like his two voices inside his head, I enjoy some of the darker moments with such an amusing character. I feel it's the perfect twist. The guy has a dark past, and somehow manages to get over it with absurd humor. Most of the time, he feels he has nothing to live for.

    He's intelligent, regardless of what some of Daniel Way's issues showed of him. I think the character is just all around fun. I'm usually entertained by anything he appears in. Just a fun character.

    I'd also love to go into how he casually tries to side with the heroes. I feel like he's the underdog, and a good hero that no one wants. Just a great character that I feel like I'll always enjoy.

  • What can I say about this guy? I just love everything about the character. Cliche bad-ass. Like, everything about him says bad ass.

    I love the look of the character, he's one of the few characters who can rock some dreadlocks. Took on some of my favorites. Overall, he just does what he wants. Hell, he always keeps to his word too.

    I pretty much see him as a biker negative Superman. I just think he's one of the coolest characters I've ever seen.

  • Recently added, just because I can't believe I missed him the first time.

    This character is great and I can relate strongly to this man. A man who wanted to be something more than what he was, a man who become that bigger thing, and a man who tried to be someone people could appreciate, but they just wouldn't let him.

    He also was the host for my favorite symbiote, Anti-Venom. I'll add more later.

  • Hero, that's all I can say about this man. Personally, the ability of having the ring and using your imagination as your power, based on how much will power you have always interested me.

    This guy has went through it all. Came up as the top dog, in mostly any scenario. He goes against the odds, he's been in every kind of lantern situation. I just always thought this was one of the most interesting characters to follow. Great development on him too.

  • The attitude and the overall humor of this character is why he deserves to be on this list. I think Scott is a relatable character. Trying to find a job, gets depressed after losing the girl, gets lazy, then after a boost he works as his off again. I can relate to Scott.

    Actually, I think Scott Pilgrim is a huge character I can relate to. I think that's why I like the character so much.

  • Really underrated character. I love his costume, I love the idea of him using other abilities learned from other heroes. The concept of the character is great, and the wit of the character is always fun. I feel Marvel needs to do more with him.

  • Again, another hero I respect. As young Billy Batson, he tried to be a hero. He then gained the power that the wizard Shazam granted him.

    As Shazam, he will tolerate no evil. I like the character because he always wanted to BE a hero, even before he was a super powered one. Which is always a great thing.

  • This may be a first for Krypto to appear in any top 10 favorites? Especially above other kryptonians? Not too sure on that, but I love this character.

    Most of it's personal. I love dogs, I love heroes. I think the character is just great. A heroic animal. He's loyal, and he actually does do what's right. I'd love to see more of Krypto in comics, and I'd love to see people give the character a chance more often.

  • Okay, before anyone thinks it's because of the same two big reasons, those aren't why. Don't get me wrong, I love those two big reasons, but that's not why she's on here.

    I think I just like Power Girl's attitude. I think she's another one of those, trying to be a perfect hero, but her personal judgment at times gets in the way of that. I love the straight up brawling style she uses. She knows about the two big reasons, and uses it to her advantage at some points.

    I think too many people don't give this character a fair shot, because they only see the appearance. Personally, I think it helps make the character look different amongst others.

    Overall, I think her brawling style helps her stay different from the others. I think her attitude helps defy her from most of the other super caped heroines. I really enjoy the character, and she's definitely my favorite female character.

  • I think this character is just amazing, and pretty nice in general. Just a classy character, with tons of depth to it. A peaceful earth hero, who still realizes he can be a threat.

    I don't have much to give reason for including him on here. I've enjoyed every appearance I've seen this character in, I think the emotion that surronds the character is great, and his power is amazingly done with any writer.

  • Gotta go back to my childhood. This guy was the bad ass. I think everyone who watched the X-Men cartoon would agree. Wolverine was the bad ass. I remember dressing as him as a kid, having a ton of action figures of Wolverine. I was the kid who thought "Cyclops is lame, Wolverine is the best!". I still prefer Wolverine over Cyclops, but not for the same reasons. I don't think Cyclops is lame now either.

    I think the story with the character is cool. While he sides with heroes, and the X-Men, as I mentioned with Lobo, he'll do what he wants. He can be talked out of something, but good luck with it. He has a harsh attitude, and a good sense of heroism.

    Not to mention, Old Man Logan is one of my favorite comic books I own. I also have to give credit where it's due, without Wolverine, Lobo may not have ever happened. So Wolverine, due to being my childhood bad ass, definitely deserves to be in the top 10 of my list.