My Favorite X-Men

List items

  • A messed up, nuanced character who is far more interesting than a lot of people like to give him credit for. Really. Also, I like the fact that he's a major tool bag.

  • A hilarious, cold-hearted witch. She has some of the best lines in comics, and her strong personality always clashes with the other X-Men.

  • It's hard to describe what makes her so awesome. You know what I'm talking about. Moving along...

  • Ah, Kurt. He's just awesome.

  • Colossus is just cool. I think we can all agree on that.

  • Intelligent, likable, AND loyal.

  • "Sugah."

  • I like how Iceman's been written in recent years. His character has been given some much-needed depth.

  • Jean Grey is a complicated character. Her character flaws are often hidden, which makes her seem boring. She has to be written very carefully, or else she's the lamest member of the X-Men. Very few writers have succeeded in making her character interesting. When they do succeed, however, she's really cool. When they don't, she sucks.

  • I enjoy Wolverine in small doses, bub. His character can be pretty dang inconsistent and obnoxious at times, but I can't bring myself to dislike him.