Comics I'm Currently Reading - October 2014

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  • Still good, but I wish the pacing were a tad faster. And Bendis, will you please learn how to write Emma Frost properly?

  • I was surprised at how gritty this comic was. It's very good, and it's one of the best Avengers comics I've read so far. It's also pretty memorable given the fact that it features a rapey Hulk and Freddie Prinze Jr. No joke.

  • I don't really like the Fantastic Four, but I like this version of the team. It feels more modern and relatable, and I definitely appreciate that.

  • I read a bit of Geoff Johns' run. That's some good stuff. I'm also enjoying the CW show. You all should watch it 'cause I told you to.

  • I'm probably going to drop it, but it's still a fun read. That is all.

  • I'm about halfway through this, and it's pretty enjoyable. After I finish this and Second Coming, though, I'm going to be short on good X-Men comics to read, which is bad. Help me!

  • "No more mutants." Dang, Scarlet Witch. You're kind of a crazy hoe, aren't you? Then again, given the stuff she went through beforehand, it's difficult to judge her. Sort of. Anyway, this story was definitely a doozy. I didn't bother reading the tie-in issues and just stuck with the main series. Not bad at all.