Comics I'm Currently Reading - August 2014

A list of comics I'm currently reading. Not necessarily new comics, but still.

List items

  • I'm reading Brian K Vaughan's run (issues 46-65). It's easily one of the most underrated runs in X-Men history. Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis both had a decent run on Ultimate X-Men, but they're not quite as good as Brian K Vaughan's. If you like X-Men, check it out!

  • Right now, I'm getting caught up with this book. It's my first Avengers comic, and it's awesome. I'm sure I'll get caught up soon.

  • I'm reading the first Ultimates series. Hasn't quite grabbed me yet, but I'll keep reading it.

  • I just started Jeff Lemire's run. I thought I'd give Green Arrow comics a try since I enjoy the TV series, but so far, I'm not enjoying it. Why? I'm not sure.

  • I like it so far. I'm on issue 15, and I think I might drop it here since everyone says it goes downhill once Battle of the Atom starts. I still need to start Uncanny X-Men.

  • I've only read the first issue. So far, meh. I'll definitely read more of it, though, and give it a chance.