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Black pulls another power out of his ass...


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In this fight, both have knowledge of the other, and both are bloodlusted...

Goku also had extensive knowledge of Hit's abilities, and he was still killed in their encounter, so would you please explain to me how Black ISN'T going to be one shotted?

Tell me, how would Hit kill Black "like he did Goku" when at no point is Hit hidden from Black, and both have knowledge of the other?

And Goku DIDN'T have "extensive knowledge" of what Hit could do, Goku only knew that Hit was coming, and had fought him head up previously, he had no clue that Black could attack from long distances like he did.

Newsflash: Hit continuously improves, at a rate even faster than Black. When Hit fought Goku, Goku had to use 10x Kaioken to gain an advantage, but even then the advantage was short, and Hit eventually became even faster despite Goku using Kaioken x10.

Also, Goku fought Hit AFTER the Zamasu arc, which means he was even stronger than he was during the fights with Black. So please tell me how YOU believe Black would be able to kill Hit?

Hit improves for sure, but Black completely evolves. When pushed, Black (just Black, no fusion) began tearing the fabric of reality a part while taking on both Vegita and Goku.

You also brought up the fact that Goku used Kaioken x10 against Hit... he only did that in the first fight to overwhelm Hit's Time-skip ability. Remember, Goku DIDN'T use Kaioken in the rematch, he only used SSJB, and specifically he used it while extending his aura to overwhelm Hit's new technique. Are you telling me that Black COULDN'T do the same thing in SSJR?

And also remember that Black has a Time Ring, probably the BEST artifact to allow someone to negate the affect of jumping ahead in time (Hit's Time-Skip). Just like how Black was able to sense and get a read on Trunk's time machine and travel to the past (a feat said impossible by Whis), I'm confident that Black could sense / get a read on Hit's Time-Skip ability no matter how much he improves it. Bottom line is that Hit hasn't done anything (yet) that Black hasn't seen, so I see no reason why Hit would be able to defeat him.

Think about it... As Black was fighting he was discovering more and more about he Sayian body (which was explicitly stated to have unlimited potential), and the more and more familiar he got with it he was able to bring more control over his ki while fighting in it. Fighting Hit, Black may be able to pull out SSJR2, or even 3, but that is just complete speculation.

Final point, you say that because the Black arch came before the Hit fight that that means Hit is stronger... No.

I'll remind you that just before Zamasu merged, Black was TOYING with both Vegita and Goku at the same time. The only reason Black merged was because he felt Zamasu weakening, and they thought that merging would just be the final trump card against the "mortals". Thing was though, that the fusion was the reason Black lost, not because he was weaker. Final Black was out of Goku's league at that point, and sure Goku has improved slightly from that point before the Hit fight, but the size improvement is little to nothing in regards to the jumps in power Black was having mid battle.

One more comparison...

  • Black toyed with Goku and Vegita through and through. The few times he got pissed/annoyed, were the times where he had massive jumps in power.
  • Hit was forced to hold back against / not kill Goku in the tournament, and then later held back against him in the rematch after Goku skirted death. Both times though Hit was fighting to the best of his ability and could only match Goku.


Black destroys Hit because through his power boosts he'd just completely outclass him.

Hit improves in power more quickly than Black does.

Hit's "power" doesn't improve, his technique does. Hit and goku both noted that Hit hadn't gotten any stronger mid fight against Goku, but only that he "improved" hit timeskip ability. Black's power jumps are massive, and can outclass any mid fight improvement that Hit has shown.

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MK9 Shao Kahn? Like Endgame MK9 Kahn? Hmm...

I'm way more partial to Kahn than I am Geras, but in the end I'd have to say Geras should win this.

The only reason Geras lost to Raiden is because Raiden essentially threw him into a bottomless pit (BFR). Geras' lore says he cannot die, and if his body is destroyed somehow, he just regens back to 100% within minutes. It is even debatable if Geras has a soul for Kahn to take as Geras is a paradox: a singularity of time that exists across all timelines.

The only way I can see Kahn winning is by BFR to some void in space.

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@icec0ld said:

The evil ryu moves at the speed of sound and can topple sky scrapers. Liu cannot match that unless he turns into a dragon.

Base Liu would beat Ryu any day. I want all the smoke. Give me a feat that RYU has done that you think Liu cannot match.

Base Liu has the advantage in:

  • Skill,
  • Speed (Liu can teleport), and;
  • Striking power.

Ryu has Liu beat in durability and that is about it.

Sure Ryu can do mass area of affect damage with his Hadou energy, but so can Liu. In MK11, Liu used his dragon fire to bring down an entire stone structure. Not to mention in MKX he was casually blowing military helicopters out of the sky, and casually one-shotting geared up special forces soldiers. And this is all without his dragon form, let alone his Fire God form.

Anyway, MK11 makes it clear that these MK champions (this is how they are refereed to throughout MK11) are a cut above "normal" people. Well beyond Olympic or peak human levels, and into the super human.

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@zeromuseg: I wouldn't say that at all. If anything, mk11 brought all the thought to be lower level characters up a notch.

First thing, mk11's rules are funky. Shao kahn was at the tournament when kronica brought him back, and so she said she stopped time at that point. Technically you could say kahn was suppressed the whole time...but honesty we can only speculate on that.

Anyway, the whole cast lived up to their titles of "champions", but Shao specifically was still doing his thing. Rocking the stadium with his blows. Running over people. Only a select few characters even phased him, and the one who "finished him" was trained by him, and had fought by his side for millenia. Regardless, Shao NOT not using his magic to it fullest extent in battle is par for the course at this point. But it doesn't erase the fact that shao himself stripped earth of all life in the MK3 arc, and merged realms in the past.

What mk11 does is put in perspective that shao lost his Godhood. He WAS a god but is no longer. He is/was probably still "immortal" in mk11, as in ageless, but could be wounded and/or killed by mortal means. But then again, he might still be alive, and only that dead like in mk9. (If you ask me. His wound in mk9 was WAY more devastating.)

So yeah, shao can still affect entire relms with his magic, but in kombat, extreme warriors can still pose a threat.

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Uhh...Liu Kang and Raiden Solo. All the others on the MK team only serve to run interference.

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I will revisit this thread at the end of the week.

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@floopay: Sorry I don't have a ton of time to write my own full list of feats for him, but here is a Reddit respect thread that does a decent job:

There are a few things I'd add honestly, like Quan matching Shang Tsung in strength and durability. Shang Tsung is a confirmed MK Grand Champion, meaning that Shang canoncially took part in the old tournament format, konquering the Test Your Might challenge...

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

...as well as Quan out smarting ALL the Gods by creating an intricate replica of Shinnok's Amulet and keeping the original. He did this in the old timeline, and in MKX he used the copy to fool Raiden while he manipulated his capture and the delivery of the real amulet "behind enemy lines" (Quan freed the Elder God Shinnok on Earth to set the stage of his ascension.

But again, the Reddit RT does a decent job. I can add more info, or answer any questions, if anyone needs any clarification or has a direct feat of Jarlaxle that you think Quan can't match.

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@racob7: I'm thinkin gQuan would take this pretty handily then. If Jarlaxle only has lower level magical abilities, like creating dagger illusions, I don't see how he can take on Quan.

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@ljayg: LOL! WTF!? Where did that come from?

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I'm inclined to choose Quan, but I really don't know enough about the other guy.

Any one out there able to put down some feats for Jarlaxle?