Punisher Runs the MK Gauntlet

Punisher runs the MK Gauntlet

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  • 2 minute rest between rounds.
  • No prep or intel
  • Punisher has standard gear (automatic rifle, combat knives, 2 pistols)
  • Punisher starts each round with his knives and Riffle holstered, and a pistol drawn at his side.
  • MK characters can use all powers, weapons, and/or abilities from any game or comic

Round 1:

De-cloaking in front of Frank, Reptile takes his stance and attacks...

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Round 2:

Mileena teleports onto the field. Surveying reptile's body on the ground, she locks eyes with Frank and attacks...

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Round 3:

Falling from the sky above, Kintaro lands in Earth quaking fashion, roars, and then attacks Frank...

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Round 4:

Appearing in a green flash, Ermac silently takes his stance...

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Round 5:

Stryker has been watching from the rooftops and comes down to confront Frank. A fight ensues immediately.

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