Mortal Kombat Character Power Grid (MK Power Levels)

If there is one thing that I feel is lacking in MK, it is a clear way of telling how powerful or skilled each of the kombatants are. MK is my favorite franchise and as such, I've always wanted to create a character ranking chart for it... so I did. After studying the Marvel power grid, and reading some of the work done by other members, I've come up with this MK power grid, and have also broken the characters down into more quantifiable classes.

I've chosen to use the Marvel power grid as my template as it is the best and least complex system I've seen for comparing characters. Each rank isn't a hard number that pins the character down to a specific speed or strength level, each rank acts as more of a range so even though some characters may share the same rank in a category, one can still be stronger than the other. Like I said before, it's all about the match-ups and knowing the characters and their feats.

The classes are all based off the DC power grid that was posted on comicvine by Emerald_General_Jai . Props go to Emerald for inspiring this project in its current form, and also for creating the format which I borrowed to create the MK classes. His break down of the DCU classes is here:

So, this is what I came up with...


I've broken the characters down as follows:

Street Leveler These fighters must rely solely on their wits, weapons (tech), and fighting skill when in combat. Some street levelers can use chi based attacks, but for the most part they cannot rely on them as they are unrefined or unproven (there are some exceptions to this statement).

*Low: This sub-class has some training but can barely compete, if at all.

*Mid: This sub-class is very well trained and can fight at a better than average level.

*High: This sub-class is extremely skilled in their kombat forms, as well as very knowledgeable about tactics and strategy. These fighters can fight on a level beyond their own classification.

Meta-Human This class of fighter has attributes that can allow them to perform feats that are beyond normal humans. When in combat they have their wits and fighting skills, but also have a "power" that they can utilize to aid them in battle. This power can take different forms such as in Goro's super-human strength, or Subzero's freezing ability.

*Low: This sub-class can fight at a level that is at the peak of human conditioning, as well as use chi manipulating attacks to a great degree.

**Low level meta-humans and high street levelers can intermingle as being a low meta isn't necessarily a power level advantage over a high street leveler. It all comes down to Match-ups and abilities when it comes to these 2 sub-classes.

*Mid: This sub-class encompasses fighters who can harness a significant amount of power and know how to use it. These fighters are a step above the high level street leveler (There are some exceptions to this statement).

*High: This sub-class possesses a vast array of knowledge, skills, and abilities, and commands an awesome amount of power. Through artifacts or other more extreme means, these fighters can even threaten the power wielded by the Gods.

Herald/God This class of fighters are the true immortals of the MKU and command the highest levels of power of those who reside within the realms, MKs reality. They have great power and can destroy or protect entire realms (planets) with some effort. These fighters have the potential to threaten the balance of power throughout all the realms, and thus they are subject to the decrees of the Elder Gods and Mortal Kombat.

*Lesser: This sub-class possesses vast knowledge and power beyond any single meta-human or street level kombatant as their power can pose a threat on a planetary, and sometimes even interplanetary, scale.

*Greater: This sub-class of characters are the true gods in the realms; the protectors and destroyers of reality. The knowledge of the universe is laid bare before them as their power is virtually limitless within their jurisdiction, but regardless of their power, they are still subject to the Elder Gods and Mortal Kombat.

**When MK is invoked, these characters, lesser and greater, loose their immortality and are brought down to the high meta-human range as their Strength, Speed, and Durability is restricted in order to participate in Kombat.

Elder Gods The Yang of MKs reality. The Elder Gods are the highest form of power that is not of the One Being and reside outside of MK's reality. Any one of them has the power to reshape reality at their whim though they prefer not to get involved with the affairs lesser beings as a rule. Collectively their power and influence is all that can maintain the delicate balance between "good" and "evil."

Transcendent There is only one transcendent being in Mortal Kombat, and that is the One Being. It is the Yin to the Elder Gods Yang. Omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, the consciousness of this entity is every where and nowhere as it lives within all things, and as such can affects all things, that reside within, or are of, the realms. To not be an Elder God is be a small part of the lager collective that is the One Being.


As stated above, this MK power grid is based off the Marvel Comics Power Grid as that is the ranking system that makes the most sense to me when comparing characters; though I've tweaked a few things to fit MK. Everything is on a scale of 1 to 7; 1 being low and 7 being high. The Marvel Chart is here if you'd like more info on the numbers associated with each ranking:

This is a short list of the changes I made in my MK Power Grid:

-Intelligence is the measure of how well info is processed by the kombatant, but for this grid it applies to the character kombat tactics, strategy, and ability to read an opponent.

-Strength is ranked the exact same as the Marvel chart.

-Speed is basic combat speed. Some characters have a simple rank, while others may have a rank followed with a '(7)' after it. This (7) merely signifies that character has a teleportaion move that allows them to move about a battle virtually instantaneously. Some teleports have a more limited range than others; it depends on the character, their skills, and their class.

-Durability is the same as the Marvel Grid, but I tweaked the ranks of 3 and 4. On this grid, 3 and 4 overlap and occupy the same range.

*Ex1- Goro has a durability rank of 3 on this chart, but he is one of the most durable characters in the MKU demonstrated by his feats. Though he has no regenerative factor to him, he is clearly only a couple steps below bullet proof. Goro is I would say is a high 3, approaching a 5.

-Energy projection is the exact same as the Marvel Grid.

-Fighting ability is the exact same as the Marvel Grid.

Within this grid I have also incorporated other special rankings similar to the speed/teleport notation. These special rankings were used to show the base level of a characters ability (the first number) as well as signify whether that character posses the ability to perform on another level (the second number) in the same category.

*Ex1. In the case of Raiden, his durability is ranked at a 6 (4). Because of the rules of the MKU, Raiden, like all other Herald/God level characters, must fight at a lesser level than his normal God form. A rank of 6 signifies that Raiden normally has a super-human durability level, but the (4) implies that when Radien is under the stipulations of Mortal Kombat, or out of his jurisdiction (off Earth), that his durability decreases to "enhanced" with a regenerative factor.

*Ex2. In the case of Shang Tsung, since he can shape shift and therefore make himself faster, stronger, or more durable depending on who he mimics, he has the same type of special rankings only reversed, his start low and then goes up in rank.

Now without further delay, my fan made MK Power Grid:

(Update 8/15/2015: Added new MKX characters and updated a few old characters)

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Thank you for reading!

PS: Please, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. If you think it's crap, tell me (in a constructive way please), and if you like it but think it needs to be tweaked follow suit. Thanks again!