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My Top Ten LGBT Characters

So, as a bisexual comic book reader, I thought I'd make a list of my favorite LGBT characters in comics.

Except for the number one pick, these are in no particular order. There are also a lot of comics (Such as X-Men) that I don't read very often, so don't be annoyed if your favorite character is missing.

List items

  • She also has my favorite coming out scene in all of comics.

  • You can also add Hulling to this spot, as they are pretty much inseparable.

    This one is especially close to me, as I read this comic (As well as Runaways) when I was still coming to terms with things, and it was a great help.

  • As with Wiccan and Hulkling, you should add Apollo to this spot.

  • See the Wiccan entry for more.

    I really wish that Marvel would do something with the Runaways again (Other than Avengers Arena...)

  • Sadly missing from the New 52.

  • The geneticist from Y:The Last Man, she is the second creation of Brian K. Vaughan to make the list.

  • The best character in Scott Pilgrim.

  • The list needs at least one bisexual guy on it...

  • So low on the list because I haven't read many things with him in them. What I have read, however, I liked. He goes to the Jean Grey School, but he hasn't really shown up in any of the issues, which I think is a waste.

  • I hate the New 52 Teen Titans book, but I like this character. I just wish he was being written by someone better than Scott Lobdel...