My new Pull list (2.0)

Just a revised pull list with the new Rebirth Titles added in with a few new surprises.

List items

  • As always She will be my number one, this is never going to change. Can't wait to see what she does this time around,Amanda Conner is killing it in this book.

  • The original Terminator gets a other round in Rebirth and can't wait.

  • My first Super book in..well ever and so far , from what I been told is a good read.

  • Yup easily one of my favorites Vampire movies gets the comic treatment again, and like last time I am grabbing it up.

  • Are you surprised? Well if you look at my avatar you should not be. It been a while since I actually had fun watching an Anime and from the Anime I going to give the manga a try.

  • Stuck at issue 4 because Amazon somehow sold out of issue 5... anytime now Amazon....:(

  • Steam punk western with cyborgs? Count me in :D

  • After getting this recommended to me I been hooked on it. This character defiantly deserve more recognition , as he serves as the archetype for many of today hereos. Only the shadow knows!!!