My Favorite DC Male Characters.

List of my Favorite DC Male Characters/ Maybe some power I would like to have.....maybe List.

List will always be updating.

List items

  • My favorite Lantern of them all and now he a white Lantern. Nice

    P.S. Screw Hal and geoff johns for trying to take Kyle's Spotlight. SPITE

  • Pre crisis Superman but bad= Fun

    Minus the crying , I could have passed on that xD.

  • Who wouldn't like to move at FTL speed and go around and having fun tagging.. I mean Helping people....yeah that what I meant.

  • Love this guy , but the wanks he gets around the vine is, Like Tiny Tina said: redonkadonk.

    Lay of the wank guys, DS doesn't need it.

  • My favorite Robin off them all, and now he has Super powers. That not going to cause Batman headaches lol.

  • He would and should be #1 but he mistreats the Queen, so fracker gets stuck here.

    Sorry Mr J