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My current Read list (stealing this) Updated

Removed Hexed sadly (due to it being canceled) so I added Justice League 3001 and for my magic needs Wayward

List items

  • should be no surprise to any one , my queen gets top billing as always. :P

  • Kicking butt and making fanboys cry. She the best

  • The terminator... nuff said.

  • wanted a team book that was not from the big two. Best choice I ever made.

  • Guts= Badass....enough said.

  • While I added JL3k because of Hexed discontinuing this is my Magic replacement for it and loving every minute of it.

  • Adding this book to the list since I lost one in Hexed. Can't wait to get my first issue in.

  • The new kid in town. Can't wait to start this book.