Message to all the "blind" marriage supporters.

You all "marriage lovers" please take a MASSIVE listen to what i'm about to say.

For YEARS now, people like you have accused Marvel (Spider-Man) comics of being "bad" JUST BECAUSE Peter Parker is not married.
I am sick and tired of it.
I see poorly written books like Slott's RYV getting praise by you lot, just because you saw Peter and MJ be in a room together feeding a kid.

Stop it.
RIght now.

HORRIBLE WRITING should NOT get praise JUST BECAUSE you like the theme of the certain book.....the book was marketed to you, specifically, because they knew that you'd be down with it, just because you'll see MJ and Peter together again.....

It's stupid.

The main reason i dropped Spider-Man was that i was TIRED of him being written SO BAD by Dan Slott.

I won't read it 'just cuz Spider-Man' anymore, no. i think i'm worth more than that.

"One More Day" is bad for a number of reasons.
The main one being that it's constructed really poorly, because of the story we all know with JMS and Joe Q, yadda yadda yadda.

I hate it because of that.Because they didn't have a specific and particular reason to split.
You wanna know?

If the story was written well, and was given a proper structure, i wouldn't have a problem with it!

Honest to God, it's storytelling, we would have read a good story, and would have been anticipating the new one, where they find a solution to be together again.

Stories are circles.

Marvel went ahead and crapped on Spider-Man, the following years, and that has the verdict we see today, a Peter Parker who doesn't really know what and who he really is......the entity known as "Spider-Man" is lost somewhere around the corner of Stan Lee's office.

Anyway, teenage Peter, grown up Peter, college Peter, i don't give a damn, if the story's good and he's written well, i'm down 100%.

I never had a problem with Ultimate Peter Parker.
I never had a problem with Parker and Mary from the "MJ loves Spider-Man series" which are AWESOME, check it out.
Never had a problem with JMS' Parker.

Why all that?
Because they're written well.
Married or not, 15 or 28, it's Peter Parker.
So stop whinning and being preoccupied with a certain type of story all the time.
Open your damn minds......

I would want to see you all react to a "Married Parker couple" written by, i dunno.....Rob Liefeld and drawn by me, or'd still drool all over this crap....

P.S Before you start barking at me that i hate married Peter Parker, just please work out in your perfectly funcional brain, what i wrote, and then reply like a normal human being.....


A tribute towards 'Spectacular Spider-Man" (and Spider-Man in general) by PunyParker

The Greatest Spider-Man piece, in any medium.

Absolutely spot on perfect.

First, i should ramble a little about what exactly does this chum (i called him chum) means to me.

I've been following this dude from my whole life, through comics, cartoons, films, video games, paper towels, action figures, notebooks, paper plates, birthday cakes, phone cases, posters, cups, backpacks, pencils, Halloween costumes, PC wallpapers, Facebook profile get the point by now.

In many ways Spider-Man was my "in" to the world of storytelling.

He made me feel like i have a brother, who's not real, but he always felt real.He always was there for me, he always listened to me, he always helped me, in ANY situation in my life, and still does.

He's my best friend, my loving role-model brother, and in general, the proof that fictional characters can help shape a person's life.

So yeah, Peter Parker is all that to me.

So you can understand, he's gone a long way from just being a drawing in a comicbook, to me.

A really long way.


I feel that i have the right "qualification" to know weather he's depicted right or wrong, in any kind of medium.

For example, in my opinion the comics are not portraying him correctly, at the moment, in contrast with the films, where they seem to know what exactly makes Peter Parker the greatest fictional character of all time.

So(again) i have found that the greatest representation of this character has been in this wonderful and underappreciated cartoon series, "Spectacular Spider-Man"

These people got exactly what makes Peter so great.

He's funny, smart, he's relatable, but above all, he's a kid who always tries to do the best in his abilities, and is mainly, a good person.

The show is written phenomenally with multiple "grown up" jokes thrown in there, indicating that they were saying "We know this is for kids, but WE KNOW that you watch it too, 15 year old Harry (back then) and you'll get absolutely fascinated hearing Felicia Hardy saying that she hopes Spider-Man doesn't get his goop in her hair....." which was great, to say the least.

The writing is so f&cking crafty that it made even me, the greatest Norman Osborn fan i know, think that "Oh....maybe it's not Norman under the mask of the Green Goblin after all" and then, on the season finale Norman was all "HA, SUCK IT" and threw a pumpkin bomb at my face with the reveal.It was excellent.

I love this show so much.

Every character is absolutely what he/she should be.

May is May we all love.A role-model for mothers/parents all over the world.

Gwen's the awkward nerdy teen, who's basically a female Peter Parker. (btw credits to the writers, Gwen never had a specific character in the comics, so thank you for giving her one)

MJ is MJ.Girl next door, stunning, famous but still with a heart of gold, and on a really good place with her moralls and values.

Felicia is exactly how she should be, but it's a shame we only saw the "Black Cat" side of her, due to the cancellation of the show, but i'm ranting about that bellow.She has a crush on Spider-Man, but she is still a criminal.

Norman Osborn is the sh^t.Badass, powerful, organazing, crazy smart.Same goes towards the Green Goblin.And he's awesome, all around.

Cinematography, direction, action scenes, fights....i really don't need to talk about this, it's just the best i've seen in an animated show.


Spider-Man's powers and wit is extremely well oriented.

Basically everything on this show is absolutely spectacular! (oops!) the difficult part.

This show got cancelled after 2 seasons, which is a DISGRACE.

It's absolutely awful.

I don't know what Marvel was thinking when they got the merch rights back from Sony, and started this ugly ugly Ultimate Spider-Man show, seriously.

Think about making a Season 3 of Spectacular Spider-Man, and making an Avengers cartoon set in the same Universe, now that you had the rights to the Spider-Man character again??!!, now i know you don't like money.

So many cliffhangers, Felicia getting upset with Peter, him finally being with Gwen, Normal who, obviously,'s a federal crime, for Christ's sake!

I was depressed for a long time, the show got officially cancelled 1 week after i finished Season 2, it was disastrous for me.

My one wish is that the show returns at some point.....

I know it's nearly impossible, but i really can't imagine how such a talented group of people is wasted NOT working on a character like that.It's really sad....

And a while ago i listened to a podcast where Greg Weisman (the man who ran the show, basically) said that if given the opportunity for more seasons, Peter would be in Highschool until Season 5, and then he's "move out" to straight-to-DVD Seasons where Pete's in college, and where they'd touch upon heavier stories like the Death of Gwen Stacy etc.

This just scratches the wound even more....

So, yeah, it's just perfect, in my eyes.

I haven't seen or read anything better, that defines Spider-Man like this thing did.

And it's really one of Hollywood's biggest failiures that it didn't get more seasons....

And to finish on a bright note, here's a collection of Spidey just dissing on his foes!


Marvel : Here's a married Peter Parker.With a kid.Are you happy, now?!!

First of all, hi.

I am back to reviewing(sorta) because i felt that this opinion has to be written.

I stopped reading Spider-Man after Spider-Verse, for obvious reasons, and i am still deciding on if i read the new series, which is just horendous as a concept, in my honest opinion, and the writer helming Spider-Man doesn't help my case, so we'll see.

Secondly, this is not an issue 5 review, it's an opinion on the story, in general.I just put issue 5, because it's the last one.

Now, the story, as a story, is decent.Okay.

But the importance of it, in non-existant.And that's what i care about, in THAT kind of story.It's a Secret Wars tie-in.

It's a What If, random little tale, of Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane Watson (CRAZY concept, amirite?!) and having a little kid, called Annie, which i find really great, as a matter of fact.To all of you who shout "SHE SHOULDA BEEN CALLED MAY" , i remind you that MJ is a part of this family too, and her Aunt was as significant to her, as May was to Pete.So there.

The story is full of "responsible" moments, and doubts, and dilemmas, and everything.Again, i can't complain, it's a good What If story to read.

But it has ABSOLUTELY no impact on the NEW and IMPROVED SpOck 2.0 rich Spider-Man, who travels all around the globe, has speedy cars, and a truckload of money.And a fancy new suit, with glowing eyes.Stop me if you get it why this is at least a tad wrong....

As one of my friends pointed out, this seems like a Swan Song to the happilly married Peter Parker.It's a 5 issue story, to make marriage fanboys shut the hell up AND KILL THE BATMAN!!......sorry, got carried away...was playing Arkham Origins earlier, Joker's in my head all day.

As i was saying, it's a story to please the fans of the married Peter Parker, and as a matter of fact, it was a trick story.When i was saying in the forums that "It's Marvel, this is gonna be a quick story, and they'll get back to Spider-Man being whatever-Slott-seen-on-Doctor Who-lately Spider-Man." i was getting mugged off, and called a hater.

Well, how do you guys feel now?!.....thought so.

Spider-Man is going to hell.At least Peter does.

With Miles having a title called "SPIDER-MAN" now, and Mary freaking Jane, being a regular in Iron freaking Man, it's all going to hell.

I know i'm gonna be called a hater, a racist, a misoginist, that i fear change, and whatever the hell you can think of, because this is the internet, and logic comes last in any conversation, but the fact is that i love this character, and the people around him, and i just don't want for him to dissapear in the dust of some boy-men who don't know what to do with him, anymore.

Dan Slott's been on the character TOO LONG, (that's an extremely polite way of putting it) and Nick Lowe is a massive X-Men fan......that's it.

I pray for Feige to do good with the character, so maybe we get something better with him in the comicbooks.

Plus, the story's called "Renew Your Vows" ......we didn't get anything on this front.Not even a ceremony.I will die not knowing if they did renew them, or not.....OH WAIT...............

It doesn't matter.


I'm taking a break off reviewing.


Just wanted to tell that i'm gonna take a break off reviewing Spider-Man, in particular, because i really think that the series, how it is now, are un interesting and pointless, because the world's gonna end in a month.

So i'll start again, when Renew your Vows hits the shelves.

Thank you.


Amazing Spider-EVERYONE EXCEPT PETER. (rant-ish)

Dan Slott is writing this book for too long.

I summed up my thoughts into one sentence,right there.

For two years.

Again for TWO YEARS Peter Parker is being written out of his own book.Since the beggining of the Superior saga, Peter is not here.The superior saga passed,then we have the BRAND NEW relaunch with PETER PARKER coming BACK as Spider-Man,and being back in our lives.We were so happy,everyone,even me,knowing that Slott's continuing on the book, i found a glimpse of hope that things MAY BE better,BUT.....i ignored logic.

The new ASM relaunch COULD have focused on Peter and brought some grounded stories back....but instead it focused,and still does, on a character named Silk,and how she was-is-will be,and that we LOVE HER,everyone (according to Mr.Slott's Twitter account) and we DEMAND stories with her.....and Peter is taken out of the book again.

Then Spider-Verse happens.Where you bring,LITERALLY every other Spider-Man to the table,to make your job easier because you CAN'T WRITE Peter Parker.

A good writer would take this opportunity and make Peter stand out of them all as the best Spider-Man.

But then,Slott realises he can write Ock better,which he does, and makes Ock the "Superior" figure in the story...the moment where Peter could steal the applause from the audience, IN HIS OWN BOOK is when he approaches Ben to talk to him and make him be "Spider-(old)Man" again......BUT(i use this word immensely) Slott thought that using Ock to just scream some sense into Ben was better and more "right" than Peter making an inspirational talk to his goddamn Uncle,the same talk Uncle Ben did to Peter before he GODDAMN DIED,for Christ's sake!!!.......And Peter just stood there.Not saying a thing.

All in all.

Dan Slott run out of stories.He's incapable of writing Peter Parker.

All must end at some point.For Dan,this point was a long time ago.


Superior Foes Of Spider-Man

Never...EVER EVER ...ANY book,of ANY kind made me interested in side characters like Shocker,Boomerang and effing Overdrive.

Never....EVER EVER...ANY book made me laugh so hard at something that was happening on the page and not at something that a character in the book was saying.

Never...EVER EVER...ANY book,made me pick it up,that has no particular involvement in the main superhero's adventures.

Nick Spencer.
Steve Lieber.

Thank you for that.Thank you for delivering the best ,most enjoyable,most fun and most funny book we've seen in years.
Thank you for making me like someone i didn't care for when i picked up the book for the first time.
Thank you for making all this happen.
Everyone who read at least ONE issue ,understood all the magic it was hiding.


And to all who shit on this book,and ESPECIALLY to Marvel......


Eat well.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man,you will be missed.


Mini reviews of the issues i didn't review.

So i was out for vacation,and couldn't find the time to sit down and review the books.

This is a mini review(thoughts) on every book i intended to review this past month.

Amazing Spider-Man #4

He meets Silk for the first time.....a phycopathic,problematique girl ....a young girl.....and he's like 27.......okay.

You don't want to hear me rant about the writing,you all know i think it's juvenile.......and when you combine juvenile writing with ,somewhat, attempted serious story,you get a know.

But anyway,the issue had me in,because i wanted to see how she reacts to the real world.

She's crazy,but that's understandable,until a point,he's talking and behaving like a 15 year old,and that's NOT understandable,but anyway,and this whole thing.......isn't MY thing.

2.5/5 stars.

Amazing Spider-Man #5

They're making out....a lot.....and like i said in the previous text,she's a girl.....and he's 2-3 years away from being 30!......

Okay,this issue,though,is partly well written.......Felicia's out of character,of course,but the rest of the bunch is less so.Jonah's good,and obviously,Anna's good again,and she takes it very calmly when she finds Peter and a young girl making out on the seeling.......btw,they were half naked both of the times they were interupted......cockblocking much?! (joke,gross one,but joke)

Let's make it clear.....i think that what Cindy and Peter are doing is gross and incesty.......i don't know,i just can't help feeling "ew" a tad.....

Dramatic finale with Black Cat almost unmasking him in front og the cameras,and we will find out next issue,oh the agony.... etc etc

3/5 stars

Batman #33

Gorgeous finale......had its drama,its tention,the MOTHERFREAKING punch to the face,AND Alfred made the "Because you're Batman" joke.....awesomeness.

Writing's perfect,as always,art's oh my god ,great, and the story gives you the feeling that Bruce's grown up from this whole situation....matured....he's not the anger issues kid anymore,he's half the Batman we know he is ,now(present New52).

5/5 stars

Ultimate Spider-Man #4

Good issue,well written,some drama at the end,and a well done cliffhanger with May saying that she knows this is the real deal(Peter).A good fight,and some wise cracking by Peter towards Norman,which,if you know me,you immediatelly say that i loved it.My only complaint is that Bendis doesn't put much in his issues......the whole issue must have taken events of an hour,put into it......maybe less.

But,on the other side,Slott puts lots of stuff in his issues and i don't like it,so i guess this is MY thing..... :)

4/5 stars

Spider-Man 2099 #1

Peter David is awesome,we all knew that.

This book makes you interested from the f*cking get go.......awesome little story,with awesome little side story, with awesome writing,with awesome characterization,with awesome art.......seriously.....simple is perfect it.

5/5 stars



Haven't read Batman 34 and Miggy 2 yet.


Advice for my reviews.

Correct me,tell me what you like or not.Or what you would like to be added or erased.

You like the Image Notes?!

You want less text/more text?!

Just tell me.Trying to get better every review.



Sin's Past

Just to be clear...i wanted to say that a long time ago.

To ALL of you bitching about Sin's Past.To all of you who are "insulted" by the storyline.

For starters,if you are 15-30 yrs old,just......go back the way you came,will ya?.....

Gwen is a character who died several decades ago,and you were born when she was gone several decades ago, cant be mad or not pleaed about this!!....i didnt like the fact Norman did this with Gwen,not because of Gwen,but because of Peter and his pain....i was sharing Peter's pain.

If you read Spider-Man when Gwen was alive,you'd realise she was a typical superhero girlfriend.Boring to the bone.She was calling Peter and if he was telling that he cant go out she would start crying!.....this is typical 60's superhero girlfriend!!!! be fair we would not know how she would've been written nowadays.I give you that.But we have this history.We must respect history,but not having it as a 100% standard!....i mean,in 2003 we read that Felicia started doing what she was doing,because a dude,raped her in college!.....after 20 years,we "learned" why the Black Cat was stealing! think that it's bad? first,yeah,me too,but then she said that she was prepared to never trust another man,and Spider-Man got her out of this "cage" by showing that true men exist!...that gave another escense to the character both of Felicia AND Peter!...

I cant say anything to people who read Spider-Man while Gwen was alive.NOTHING.Cause they lived her.And probably thought of her as a family.

For me Peter was always an older brother,and Mary Jane was his wife,so like a very very close sister-like character to me also.......if Mary Jane and Norman would have done such a thing,i would gladly read an issue with Peter cutting Osborn's junk off.You know why?....cause MJ was Peter's companion all my life,and i cant imagine Peter with anyone else!!.....and i respect people who were burning their issues of ASM #121 because we, who are bitching and whining about Superior now,in comparison with their tragedy,are some dirty little rats!!.....Imagine someone killed MJ that way,without they being married or even knowing that Peter is Spider-Man!!

All i'm trying to say is that we cant feel for characters that we didnt know for real the time they can feel fro Peter when he got extra arms,or when he lost MJ to the plain crash or when he lost May,OR WHEN GWEN DIED,even if you didnt live when these stuff happened!!!!....why?....because it's Peter the main character of the book!!....he is and he will always be!!....and our grandsons will feel for Peter when they read Superior cause it's Peter who got the trouble....!!.....

I wasnt sad,never,about uncle Ben..or his loss,or whatever.When i read Ultimate,where you get to know him,and he dies issue 6-7(i dont remember) you really understand the whole "great power great responsibillity" lesson....because you're SAD that a character you LIKED for 6 months is dead!!....

Hope i made myself clear enough.