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How could he be late for his first day at Armstrong Academy. I guess not having had any real place of residence does take a toll on you. If not for my father's ring, I never would have awoken. I popped the ring on and felt its energy course over me as I faded from existence. I then run full bore towards the room which with my legs was pretty fast. I saw the door was closing behind someone and I bounded through it at the last second. I was still invisible so I scanned the room. Most of these people had no magic aptitude but some of them were menacing in their radiance. I chose an empty desk and sat down, I concentrated and the energy stopped flowing, I was visible again, which startled some.

Question 1: How would you classify your hero style?

I am no hero, I just fix things.

Question 2: What is your power and/or abilities? Why do you think they are useful?

I have an intuitive aptitude for science and magic. I can also use my father's ring to become invisible. I don't know how they are useful.

Question 3: You're told to help with evacuation duty, but you know the foe the other heroes are fighting is weak to your power(s)/fighting style. What do you do?

I evacuate the people. I am not a fighter.

Question 4: What is more important? Saving the day as quickly as possible, or making sure you take as much precaution to do as little damage as possible to the surrounding area? Why?

Collateral damage is important, reducing its effects is paramount.

Question 5: What type of villain scares you most? If villains don't scare you, what does?

Smart Villains who know that going after the support staff deals more damage to most heroes than punches.

Question 6: What type of power do you wish you had? What is your least favorite power?

Superspeed? If I could get in, fix a thing, and get out without getting caught, that'd be ideal.

Question 7: Why do you want to be a hero?

If helping heroes out is a heroic, then I do so because I want to fix things. Not just machinery but the world.

Question 8: Do you prefer working alone or with a team? Why?

I am not a fighter, supporting fighters is important and serves a noble purpose.

Question 9: What is your greatest asset? Why would other heroes want to work with you?

I am smart, I can solve problems for them that would be difficult for most.

Question 10: If you didn't get into Armstrong Academy, what would you do?

Probably still be on the streets, fixing things to get by. It is hard out there for children without parents or rich inheritances.

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@thetruebarryallen: Sorry, totally forgot to post my bio.

The child of a brilliant wizard and a technological genius, Orsin didn't have the most adjusted childhood. Constantly prodding him and poking him. When a supervillain attack leveled his town, his parents were killed. This left Orsin bouncing from home to home with naught but a ring his father gave him. He used his intuitive ability to fix things to repair things for his various foster parents but they abused those skills, often forcing him to repair stuff for other people while the fosters pocketed the money. He eventually escaped them and lived on the streets. It is here where he found himself in a position to help repair some superheroes gear and allow them to get back into the fight and save the day. This act of ingenuity and bravery is what earned him a spot at Armstring Academy.

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Fair enough on the tongue, I already assumed I didn't get his sailva, pheromones, or flame generation. Toad is a bit difficult to judge on speed because his legs are more powerful than the rest of him. His travel speed is alot higher than his combat speed but it looks like the restrictions are on combat speed. He could definitely dodge an arrow but I don't know about catching one.

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Oh, well that is disappointing, can I get the bow and arrows at least?

I really was trying to push the young genius element of my character by making him like 12 as opposed to the 14-15 most others are supposed to be but I am nothing if not adaptable. How about Toad (Composite)? I don't necessarily need his tongue but it would be great to have.

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@thetruebarryallen:Let me confirm this works before bio and such.

  • Name: ???
  • Class: Gearhead
  • Body: Phobos (Marvel)
  • Skillset: Celebrimbor (Composite)
  • Gearhead Additional Skill: The Tinkerer's Tinkering (Composite)
  • Gear: The One Ring (Composite)
  • Additional Gear: Carbon Fiber Compound Bow, Quiver stocked with 20 Carbon Shafted Diamond-Coated Tungsten Arrows, X-Sight Pro Archery Glasses, Tactical Flashlight, 2 Carbon Fiber Knives, 2 High Carbon Steel Lhangs, Kevlar-Nomex Weave Body Suit, Encrypted Smart Phone, 4 Bluetooth Cameras/Speakers, 2 Hummingbird Drones, Encrypted Smart Watch, VR Goggle compatible with phone, Custom pouches to carry all equipment built into suit
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@thetruebarryallen: Just feeling out the various classes:

Could I choose a robot and get some of their robotic functionality as the "physical mutation" for the Physical Class?

If I choose a power, do I get it at the skill level of the original user (IE: Earthbending at Toph's level or some rando Earthbender)? Furthermore, do I get requisite sub-powers to go along with it?

If I chose something like Batman's Suit with the Gearhead Class would I also get his utility belt and thus all the gadgets he carries with him?

Can cyborgs gain "physical mutations" through the hybridization process?

If I chose Beastmaster, could I chose a small human-ish body for my character and a more human-sized creature for my summon? Does the summon have to be Biological?t

Can we get real world equipment?

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Scan bombing is just a form of Gish Gallop and a sign of a weak debater. This is why Scan-Bombing was specifically prohibited in this tourney. Relying on scans to make your argument, is a crutch relied upon by too many. By voting for those who rely upon this crutch, you weaken them as debaters. You are giving a him a vote not because he did a good job but because he had more pictures. Anyone can make a respect thread, it takes alot more to debate.

Regardless of what evidence I presented it was still the responsibility of my opponent to call out my claims. If he does not call them out, he is conceding that they are true even if they are not. If he is conceding that they are true then you have to, as an impartial observer, also concede that they are true otherwise you are voting based on biases and not the actual debate. You don't get to draw conclusions, only the debaters get to draw conclusions, you are simply judging things based upon the arguments presented.

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If I had not chosen morals off, you would be arguing the opposite point. I know Yokai well enough to know that he isn't a killer because a killer with his gear would not have lost. He had Wasabi dead to rights in that clip and could have drowned him with a thought. Likewise, we see his microbots move with enough speed and strength as to remove Baymax but it takes more than 30 seconds to crush the rest of the team when he had them cornered? He does everything he can to keep them from dying because he is not a killer. You can continue to argue the point but he didn't even want to kill Krei who he directly blamed for his daughter's death. He isn't the Punisher, his morality would not have allowed him to do what I needed him to do here.

Actual Battle

What is the difference between that clip and the last battle? Enclosed space, Yokai's mobility and overall bot count were heavily limited. He was operating with maybe a couple million there whereas the final battle saw him with billions. In addition, Baymax and Hiro's magnetic connection had so far held up against his microbots so he had no reason to think that the impact of his bots would separate them. What likely happened is that Hiro got scared, accidentally disconnected from Baymax and just happened to bullseye Yokai. There was no plan that Hiro concocted, it was a fluke that shouldn't have happened given how Baymax and Hiro had functioned previously.

It does matter for me, because in this case we have a totally diferent scenario. Without the suit, Yokai will behave as he normally would as we can see in the movie, he doesn't walks around with a solid protection, the protection comes in a reactionary way, he reacts in the face of an imminent attack. The thing is, even upon seeing hiro charging at him with Baymax, he wasn't able to anticipate the attack. So that's the enemy my team is facing here, essentially all that changed was the microbots composition, not Yokai modus operandi. Which means that if a bunch of kids manage to defeat Yokai imagine my team which is composed by three tactically skilled individuals who possess full knowledge on the enemy.

You misunderstand, Yokai will be inside the Silver Samurai armor. I was indicating that even if the suit was deactivated from the cold blast, it would not matter. Yokai's microbots can provide all the mobility he needs even if the suit is offline as they can lift incredibly large weights and manipulate them well enough to construct towers. The suit's mobility does not matter, only the armor.


He doesn't have ways of tracking my team, predict or avoid an arrow coming towards him. I've already proved he can be caught by surprise without having the time to properly react to defend himself, that's exactly what is going to happen here.

Who needs to track your team? He'll be in a suit made of adamantium microbots protected by a layer of adamantium microbots providing mobility and a large sphere of adamantium Microbots. This means your team has no real means of tracking what Yokai is doing. His Adamantium Blades can cut through anything hear accept for Logan. He will start by putting them 2 feet out of his Sphere and then swinging them around in a circle adding 6 inches on every revolution. Eventually, there will be no where to hide. If he gets lucky and kills your team, awesome but if he does not, he will have effectively destroyed all the cover on the map. You have no where to hide. Remember, these blades are powerful enough to cut through Foximantium, so nothing in the battle field will stop him. After destroying everything, he'll use his freeze gun to systematically freeze the entire battlefield reducing friction to negligible. If you survived the slice and dice and the freezing. You are now left with no cover and severely limited mobility. If anyone on your team takes any action to stop this, they will reveal their position and get destroyed.

But Dedman, Yokai has never done this. They surprised him in the island because he was not expecting a fight. When he was expecting a fight, he devised specific traps designed to entangle them all. He also was largely trying to not kill anyone. He has no such reservations here with morals off. This strategy combines his sphere trap with his battlefield control tactics.

Hawkeye is the most dangerous but he only generally has maybe 1 or 2 specialty arrows.

What I mean here is that with only standard gear as per the rules, he is only going to be carrying maybe 1-2 of his speciality arrows. Unless he has prep, which he does not have here, he doesn't get anything more than 1-2 of specialty arrows. Half of those scans you submitted required special preparation that you do not have here. At best, you have 2 shots. You better make them count because after that, you have no cover, no mobility, and no defense.

Unless you can get your sonic arrow or vibranium arrow through 3 layers of adamantium and the massive magnetic field that will be surrouding Yokai, I don't think either of these special arrows will do much. My Microbots work based on electromagnetic fields which Vibranium has no effect on since Magneto is useless against it.

Hawkeye has only used an Anti-Metal arrow on maybe two occasions which does not satisfy the "standard equipment rule." This means he does not have access to that arrow without prep which he does not have here.

But let's pretend you can use an anti-metal arrow. Did you know that each of those microbots would have to have a large amount of semiconductors in order to function? Semiconductors are immune to the effects of Anti-Metal. Which means that despite melting through the Adamatium Shells, the arrow would have to maintain a perfect trajectory through a mesh of semiconductor components. Even Hawkeye isn't good enough to make that shot. His arrow would likely pierce through a layer or two but eventually it would hit some semiconductors that would deflect it or slow it down. Then the EMP Arrow hits directly afterwards and takes out a couple hundred thousand Microbots but also reveals his position. He dies afterwards.


Trick arrows or not, your team has no real means of getting through his significant armor or stopping his virtually unstoppable attacks. Anti-Metal, Vibranium, Sonic, and EMP will only delay your teams demise not save them.