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Second Tier Players (Marvel)

I was wondering which comic characters would make for good video games or films (if none so far), and so created a list of those with 1000 appearances, but then I started wondering where Marvel would head once those have done their time, which lead me to the "second tier" characters--those having <500 (as of October 2010)... 
NOTE: I've left out "supporting cast" and villains.

List items

  • As with the first tier, the Avengers team feature prominently, with such characters as: Black Knight, Black Panther, Hercules, Ms. Marvel, and Wonder Man.

  • Although the "four" are in the first tier, this tier included Franklin Richards and Crystal, who both appear primarily in the Fantastic Four series.

  • Many more of the X-Men team appear in this tier, including: Bishop, Cannonball, Gambit, Havok, Jubilee, Polaris, Psylocke, Sunspot, and Wolfsbane. Cable is also included, though he has his own solo run as well.

  • Appeared mostly in Avengers, but also had many appearances in his solo series.

  • Cap was in the first tier, but his "side-kick", Bucky, makes it into this one.

  • As I said above, Cable makes many appearances in his own series, despite being one of the X-Men.

  • Appeared mostly in the Captain America series'.

  • Had a "buddy" run with Luke Cage.

  • An old school character, not to be confused with Johnny Storm.

  • Had a "buddy" run with Iron Fist, but also key player in New Avengers.

  • Patsy, or Hellcat, is an old-school character who had her own series back in the day... though she's still kickin' around.

  • Had his own series, though also made many appearances in Fantastic Four.

  • Appeared mostly in Avengers, but also had many appearances in her solo series.

  • Appeared mostly in Iron Man.