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A poor 100th issue 0

For a 100th issue, you'd think something big would happen here. Something very epic and space opera-y. Or something that at the very least focuses on the titular character. Especially given the escape of one of her rogues.But no. Instead, we're treated to a filler issue. We get Spider-Woman, who has faced down hordes of threats, going into near-debilitating terror at the sight of rats and Iron Patriot (can he please be War Machine again, isn't this phase over yet?) being stuck with a bomb and f...

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Bishop's backstory just got more confusing 0

Bishop is an unfortunate character.I don't mean that he's a bad character. I actually really enjoyed him for the first ten years or so of his existence. But ever since Joseph Harris' excellent and underrated Bishop: The Last X-Man series came to an end, it feels like no one has ever bothered to read up on Bishop's past. Or if they have, it's only to rework what's come before to fit the new narrative crafted by people who don't know about him.When Bishop was first introduced in the early 90s, he ...

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Insulting 0

Bendis gets one thing and one thing only right and that's this quote from the first page:My name is Simon Williams. I used to be known as Wonder Man. I used to be an Avenger. Back when that really meant something.After those four sentences, the issue just goes downhill and becomes a massive insult. I quote this section because it's true -- being an Avenger did used to mean something. Now it means jack-all. The Avengers have gone from Earth's Mightiest Heroes to Earth's Lamest Heroes and it's all...

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