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An improvement over the previous issue. Also, Heilman is ending! 0

Alright, I'm finally returning to Heavy Metal Magazine, with Volume 2, issue 7 for November of 1978. My earlier recaps of issues were done as blog posts, but henceforth they'll be done as reviews, unless there is any objection. Our cover art for this issue, “Helen of Troy” by Marcus Boas, is more work safe then earlier covers, and also is a little more conventional for fantasy art. Also, National Lampoon is advertising the hell out of Animal House. I wonder how much of Animal House's developme...

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Going back down a step 0

The Good: Moebius starts a new ongoing series in this issue, called "The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius" which is a little disjointed, but thus far is pretty good. "Polonius" and "Den" also continue, and continue to bring some quality to the issue. This issue also has what I'd consider possibly one of the best of the one-shot stories in the magazine - "Turod". Not only is it a one-shot that doesn't have an outer-limits ending, but it's also a one-shot that has what I'd consider more of an up...

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The quality plateus - which isn't a bad thing. 0

The last issue of Heavy Metal I reviewed was pretty good. I was pleased with the writing and the story. With this issue, rather then the quality bouncing up and down like a car along a poor road, the quality plateaus. Considering that last issue was pretty solid, this isn't a bad thing at all.  The Good: Den continues to be absolutely excellent, as the series continues in more familiar territory for those who were first exposed to the character through the Heavy Metal film. World Apart continues...

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The best issue of Heavy Metal's first year 0

Heavy Metal Magazine, through the first year of its life, has bounced back and forth between mediocre and halfway decent. With the fifth issue of the magazine, to be absolutely honest, this doesn't change.   The Good: Den is still great, with an excellent conclusion of the fight that started in last issue's chapter. We also get the start of a new ongoing miniseries called Polonius which has a bit of an ancient Pseudo-Rome feel going to it. It looks like it has some potential to be good here. Th...

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Good stories continue, bad stories end 0

The Good: This volume gives us the continuation of Den, which is still going on very strong. In addition to concluding Arzach this issue we also a story from Phillippe Druillet & Moebius called Approaching Centauri, which - while short, has excellent writing and excellent art. Additionally, we get the first installment of Dan O'Bannon & Moebius' Sci-Fi Hard Boiled detective story The Long Tomorrow, which is also incredibly well written, and incredibly well drawn.   The Bad: 1996 conti...

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Getting better. 0

The last issue of Heavy Metal #2 wasn't great. However, this issue has some improvements.  First, the continuing stories. We have more of Dionnet & Gal's Conquering Armies. That series has, thus far, been some of the best material in Heavy Metal aside from Den. It's self contained while having a universe with a consistent art style. The writing is fantastic and, while it often goes for the cynical ending, it's executed better than the other stories in Heavy Metal that go for that ending (w...

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A bit of step down for the Sophmore issue 0

Heavy Metal's first issue had potential. It really did. Unfortunately, issue # 2 stumbles more than it strides.  For starters, our starting story by Jacques Tardi looks like it's trying to take a cheap shot at the US. Either that, or he thought it was clever having brutish violent thug Americans horribly murdering defenseless Soviets. Roger is just a poorly executed diorama story, and Age of Ages hasn't particularly improved - in fact, it's tried to set up some sort of ongoing plot, despite th...

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A solid start for a creative series 0

On my blog I've done a "Where I Read" post on this issue of Heavy Metal. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it's basically a blog post where you read through an issue and post your impressions. However, it's not necessarily a formal review. That's what this issue is.  Heavy Metal Magazine is a kind of magazine that was rare during its day, and is still rare now - a science-fiction fantasy comic anthology magazine. It's a rare niche. You don't get anthology comic magazines much anymore. Fanta...

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