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Posted By batman_is_god

Power Girl should be number one.

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Posted By daredevil21134

Where's Sara pezzini

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Posted By AssertingValor

she is on there now!  
and i moved up power girl, she should never be above red sonja though...
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Posted By PowerHerc

Except for Blob (lol), great list.

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Posted By Prince_Thieves

the blob thing  was funny

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Posted By YoungThriller

Blob made me spit up alittle

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Posted By Katie24

You should check out Batwoman, she wears a bullet-bra.

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Posted By JackKnight

Yea Phantom Lady is hot :) though Sandra Knight is the hottest ;)

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Edited By JwwProd
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Posted By AssertingValor

@jwwprod: thank you, she is quite the looker.