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Ulimate Hero

There are a whole bunch of heroes out there who are self made, or otherwise created through items to get their powers. This list is the items I'd like to obtain for myself, to become the Ultimate Super Hero... or Super Villain. I may be good, but power does corrupt, and these create pretty much absolute power.

List items

  • The power rings of the Lantern Corps have a lot of power. The green ring is the one I know best and trust most. Giving me the ability to fly, and materialise objects it's a hugely important object to have. Not to mention that it has been used to create Kryptonite, so even Superman would be powerless against it.

  • Batmans Utility Belt is famed for having everything that's needed for any situation. If I'm going to create the Ultimate Hero, I should have this.

    Although I'd dump a bunch of the unnecessary stuff, I know there's meant to be Kryptonite stored in one of the pouches, and that's always a good thing to have, as well as Gas Mask and Underwater Rebreather.

  • The ideal weapon for my Ultimate Hero, however it is not necessarily what would be used. Mjolnir can only be wielded by those who are worthy, and therefore may not be potentially used by me. I reckon I could, but it may prove too heavy for me.

  • Perhaps not a primary weapon, but very useful as restraints, and the ability to make anyone tell the truth would benefit all heroes. Of course, should I go darkside it'd also be pretty useful for a "whats the password to the safe" situation.