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I don't know much about Dante. From what I have seen in respect threads, hes like a 10 tonner with legit casual bullet timing and great regeneration.

Is there anything I missed, or DMC 5 feats that put him anywhere in the same ballpark as even mid tier shinigami, much less Ichigo?

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Now I'll sit back and watch the fireworks.

Says the star is 4300 feet in diameter.

Smallest star we have found in the universe has a 160,000 Kilometer radius.

Tries to use real life calculations to compare the two.

Anyway, as for your calculations...

Firstly, the larger a star is the MORE energy it puts out, not less.

The suns diameter is 864,340 miles. For simplicity, lets say the Neutron star is 1 mile in diameter ( your calculations have it smaller by about 20% ). The sun would be 864,340 times greater then the Neutron star at the same distance ( Stars have different luminosity levels, but using the sun as your base, etc ). That is before the 25% calculation of an average Neutron star.

You a little bit off. :)

At least you acknowledge the size of Thor and how much he took, instead of the random wankers on here saying it was all of the force :-P

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@panda_emperorix said:
@Aristeaus said:

Basic sunlight from the sun is residual energy from the surface being spread out omnidirectional. How is that the same thing as focused beam directly from the core of a neutron star?????

Light does not emanate from the core of a star.

Yes that obvious, but just being close to it in no way means you're taking a full concentrated blast from it.

You were arguing against my analogy. Its the same thing as Magnifying glass.

No it really isn't. You have no idea how any of this works. Lol.

Thor was hit by the blast from the star itself. We know this because he was sent flying after the axe was forged. Nowhere did it show that he was just being hit by the light. Just being hit by the sunlight wouldn't have forged the axe either.

Lol. I know exactly how all of this stuff works. You don't. Force does not melt metal. Heat does.

Yes Eitri said he did. Since they have complete control over the star in a giant sphere megastructure, i don't see why it's not able to use it's full force. Like i said earlier, you could be sitting inside the core itself and still be taking it's full force. Not sure why you think it needs to burn itself out to dish out full force. As long as they have fusion going, it doesn't matter.

You literally cannot take the full force of something by merely being near or, or inside of it. You being dropped into the ocean is not you taking the full force of the ocean. Most of the "force", which btw, you should stop using that word, of a star is the fusion and gravity in the core. None of which came into play here.

This is just your headcanon and denial talking

If thor took the full beam, then nothing would have gone by him, and the Uru would never have been heated. That is basic stuff kiddo.

???? Lightbulbs most definitely give off heat. Put your hand on one and find out for yourself. This is 2nd grade stuff.

Fuses are not the source of heat or energy.

Headcanon. Headcanon everywhere

No explanation? K. Just count that as a win then. Its obvious PIS, and I don't need it to win my argument, but I am sad for you.

You're the only one ranting about Thor taking the power of a star. It's probably because you know it's far above anything Superman has taken

Because he didn't. At all. Its obvious to anyone with half a brain. It is a greater energy durability feat then anything superman has taken. Its also entirely irrelevant. It only gives him durability against heat vision, something superman uses sparingly to begin with, and even less so whilst potentially bloodlusted.

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So many alts. So little time.

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Apoc might carry. If not GOW team.

Thats Prime Kratos. Lots of soloing. Its a huge mismatch.

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Are you seriously saying sunlight is the same as taking a direct blast from a star? Thats like saying we're taking the direct heat and energy from a lightbulb fuse whenever we turn on the lights in our house. Just listen to yourself. Lmao

Yes. They are. Just on different scales. I have said this from the beginning, where as you have gone as far as saying "pulling the sun itself, direct blast from a star, solar flare, etc". You are just pulling anything you can out of your ass to try and make what you said even remotely intelligent. It isn't. None of what you said is even remotely accurate.

Being closer to the sun only intensifies the heat, radiation, and in the case of a neutron star the gravitational force, but we are going to ignore that one, as any living being within 500 miles of a neutron star would be atomized.

The light coming off of the star is exactly the same. It gets focused down to a point, in this case a stream, through a convex lens. Its the process of taking multiple streams of light and changing their angle so that they all can intersect creating the effect, which again, in this case, is melting the Uru. It is exactly how a magnifying glass works, just smaller.

But what do I know... I only have a doctorate in physics.

Just to recap for you:

You say Tyrions statement trumps the feat.

You say he took the full "force" of a star, when he clearly doesn't, as a star is omnidirectional, and would not have any light, or mass, left.

Thor only absorbed a small portion of the beam, which further goes to the point of him not taking the full "force" of anything.

You then gave a analogy of a object that gives off no heat or energy and compared it to lights in a house. This is akin to comparing the energy and heat of a pencil to a flashlight. It has no bearing in truth, and makes you look even more pathetic.

I would even go a step further. I would say the heat from the star is not all that hot to begin with. If it were, the clearly metal, clearly fairly weak structure itself would have burned/melted. Would you have us believe that space station tyrion is made of a stronger metal then Uru, but got tore up by Thor pretty easily?

I really did enjoy your little rants and how frustrated you were getting, as well as you scrambling to make things up such as "direct blast", etc. It gave me quite a good laugh. While I do speak against the feat, it is impressive in itself, just not nearly as impressive as other people imply it to be ( mostly based on the statement, something you all cling to yet clearly doesn't equate ). You are all just missing the simplest of points though. Energy durability =/= Physical.

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Don't be foolish.

You're using analogies that are under the assumption that what was stated and shown to us was false. Stop with the headcanon.

Magnifying the SUNLIGHT from a star is not comparable to directly taking a blast from it. Not sure why you would think otherwise. Do you know how silly you sound right now? Are you obtuse or what?

The solar flare was an example, but that flew over your head

Oh god.

What do you think a "direct" blast from a star is? Light, heat, and radiation perhaps? You know, the definition of sun light? lol

So... let me get this straight. Sunlight being closer to a star is different to you then sunlight being farther away? Fundamentally different.

Please explain to all these good people with your 2nd grade understanding of basic science how that works. I truly look forward to a good laugh.

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Hela was able to hold the hammer. It was struggling against her, and she clearly wasn't worthy. So there has to be some level of strength that can overcome the enchantment.

Aquaman, WW, and Superman all at least have comparable strength feats.

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Aizen destroys. What is this? You took every good thing Madara has and put him up against someone who outstats him in every physical category.

Madara can't even hurt him. His skill is likely better, granted, but thats not going to help him when he barely moves fodder ninja with his strikes. Meanwhile, Aizen touches someone they get wrecked.

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It IS a feat. Just because it didn't look how you wanted it to look doesn't change that. Stop being in denial what's said and shown. Stop comparing a magnifying lens to a direct star beam. Not sure what makes you think they are in any way the same. Anyone can use a common mirror and reflect the sunlight of the sun to heat up whatwhat object they want, but that and being blasted from the sun itself are two different things. What are you going to say now? That a solar flare is the same as a magnifying lens reflection? Stop denying the feat. Superman loses to Thor alone due to what's been presented and shown. The winner has already been decided.

The statement =/= the feat. Period. If I say I can drink 1000 glasses of water, and only drink 4, how many did I drink, champ?

Magnifying heat from a star is the same thing. Literally. They are just on different scales. You have to be a complete moron to think they are different in anyway, shape, or form. You don't magically gain different friggen properties because you say so. Thats headcannon nonsense, and shows your complete lack of common sense and knowledge.

It wasn't a solar flare. Neutron stars don't even have solar flares.