✪ The Blue Eagle - Vehicle ✪

The Blue Eagle is Achilles' main mode of transportation, one built by the combined efforts of Thee Champion and Achilles himself. Designed for both atmospheric flight and prolonged spaceflight, the Blue Eagle features a number of technological marvels. Firstly, it has a highly sophisticated internal emission sink stealth system, enabling the ship to store the heat it produces in lithium heat sinks kept deep in it's hull. This however, is a temporary stealth measure as the Blue Eagle must inevitably radiate the stored heat lest it accumulate and damage the ship itself. For it's propulsion system, the Blue Eagle uses four large anti-proton thrusters, with another four thrusters used for stabilizing the ship during descent. It's propulsion thrusters inject anti-proton into a reaction chamber that contains hydrogen and triggers matter-antimatter annihilation that produces the enormous amount of motive power the Blue Eagle needs.

The Blue Wonder's Vessel
The Blue Wonder's Vessel

Unfortunately, the drawback of such technology causes a drawback in fuel production as the anti-protons are manufactured one particle at a time. The exhaust of the fusion and anti-proton drives is measured in millions of degrees Celsius, and any physical object caught in it's wake is melted like wax in a fire. In addition to this, the Blue Eagle holds a nuclear fusion plant that powers it's electrical systems. Hydrogen fuel cells provide auxiliary power and works as a backup generator should the primary reactor shut down. Given the issues surrounding anti-proton thrusters, the Blue Eagle also uses extended fuel cells that uses metastable metallic hydrogen to burn fuel at levels of greater efficiency than liquid H2/O2. The hull of the ship is built from vibranium sheets woven with a diamond chemical vapor deposition crushed into hyper-dense layers, enabling the ship to withstand the extremes of a variety of forces and temperatures. Because it was not designed as a combat vessel, the Blue Eagle does not bear any weaponry save for point defense lasers and cannons that fire beams of ultradense exotic matter for which the ship's cannons act as receiving and transmitting devices to.

Other than this, the Blue Eagle possesses a highly sophisticated scanning system that incorporates a wide range of passive and active scanners ranging from visual, thermographic and radio detectors, to radar and laser detection. Furthermore, the scanning system provides long-range topographical scanning resolutions, and can deploy a multi-static grid of radar-emitting nano-probes that deliver digital elevation of the terrain at 15 meters per pixel resolution. For slower scanning and rendering speed ideal for geological and biological prospecting, archaeological research and long-term security surveillance, the system can lower to 0.001 millimeter per pixel while the spherical geometry of it's multi-static grid enables exceptional cross-sectioning and a strong resistance to electronic countermeasures.