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Not to happy with it got to @ everyone cause bombs but the post is smaller then i wanted and very conditional, cause its not like after that she can just get up and attack right off the back imo. Also didnt know of a pic or gif to use but now that i can i have to lol any who I'm done self loathing

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@purveyor: @neuromind: @we_must_evolve: @miss_japan: @silver_spider_: @_reynard_: @statler: @miss_america_: @the_roman:

She wasn't one for the monologue for the supervillain speach of self imposed grandeur. Honestly despite doing this under an ideology she wasn't going to go out of her way to explain why she did things. However a window to intercept her initial bombing action was provided by the words and actions of the hero of yesteryear. Or maybe it was of today, honestly while a small fraction of the world ran around shooting lasers and dawning spandex it was still a wide array of characters. She didn't know Reynard or care an enemy was simply that.

Moving to try and evade the attack of the hero allowed the robotic suit to fly in and seize the sphere of energy. Rocketing skyward the exsplosion would likely only bring harm to the machine by the time it'd detonated. More troublesome though was the speed at which the machine had to move knocking the nuclear activist from initial path she didn't avoid the needle as well as she'd intended. Not wanting to walk around naked Azrael had focused most her telekinesis on defense training. However of the Venezeula Elites Azra was not the most impresive in the psionic game, and her foe was in the upper tier of such.

The needle though halted before digging into her skull did in fact puncture the barrier. Thin metal broke apart on contact but so to did the barrier and the high velocity slivers sank into the socket and tore apart the retina of the left eye. Crimson ran from her alluring features her jade eye a horrific mess. Then came the sonic attack from the armored legion, with the barrier briefly fractured the radioactive revolutionary found herself on hand and knees ears ringing without end. A migraine like no other and her brow feeling like it was on fire from her ravaged eye all the destructive devil could do was laugh.

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"Sorry can't hear your witty banter. Nice shot though." Moving her head to let scarlet hair mask her ravaged features Azrael grinned as her palm against the sidewalk glowed. Letting another exsplosive ball look to enter the world and violently trigger her intention a point blank shot to the ground instead of a singular mark. If they could stop the detonation it'd be great for the cast of heroes and assassins present.

Though the more likely outcome was that the expsplosion would carry through and from there a variety of side effects. Launching the destructive force into the ground was intended to send granite shards skyward like a perpetual rainstorm of bullet like stones. Seeking to turn costumes soldiers and civilians all to Swiss cheese from debris. From the process of thermonuclear ordanance came an EMP with any luck such an electro magnetic pulse would shut down things like computers tanks drones and perhaps even the legion from Mars.

Naturally though once again the worst part of being at perpetual ground zero however was the radiation cancerous burning and destructive. The incredible heat that'd disentigrate almost anything within the area. An amount of exsplosive air pressure that could reduce buildings easily to scattered remains. They'd stopped one bomb and they had taken her eye but as an instrument of death it was likely she'd go until someone had reached the finite end.

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Posting soon

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I have Vocal, dibs on guitar if in lol

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That's cute two flag bearers of the same side don't like eachother

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i dont expect my bombing antics to work but it felt like the right alt to throw into the mix

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@silver_spider_: @_reynard_: @neuromind: @we_must_evolve: @statler: @purveyor:

Sense nineteen forty five the world had feared the atom bomb, that terrifying weapon that was among the scariest of weapons. Sense the world knew of mutants they feared them, dreaded the latent powers and what common people might do with such power. On this day Azrael the radioactive reaper had hoped to unite that fear. An explosive extremist there was no shaking her of her current belief. One made only more potent by the quivering xenophobes who'd been rising to power. Revolts hadn't changed things and peace was a fabricated lie. Sure there were places just for mutants, but that just implied second class citizenship. No Azra had been exiled from the Shogunate because her destructive ways couldn't be the image of a people at large and it was time the world knew anywhere should be the home of a mutant. The jaded view of those emerald eyes saw that exile meant the thermal nuclear terrorist needed to act on her own for the better of many.

She'd reduced a portion of Gothic to a ground zero now she'd look to level the stage once again. She'd meditated on it, gathered energy to prepare for the act and then asked another radical mutant to help her. Teleportation was no rare power and after Azra had delivered various mutant and homeless refugees from Gothic to the sanitary of the Shogunate some were willing to help her. Clad in black, hair as red as the blood she hoped to spill the cancerous agent of chaos was brought to the latest gathering of important people and ego stroking. People looked on at alien support, heroes of old and a patriotic knight of a president. And to the vermillion tempest they were as much a joke as the words from the new aged spider themed hero.

Stepping forward and trying to get close would be foolish, there was no way she'd make it. She was known for having tried to bomb the White House and for having bombed apart of Gothic. The world knew the woman was once a Venezeula Elite and had been a soldier for mutants of high regard up untill the new Shogun and Alex Ashworth had sent her away. A rogue agent was standing before the president but her intention was to obvious people would pay for his death and her main tactic was a documented one. In her palm hovered a small star a blazing orb of nuclear promise. She'd give them a moment to take action or cowardly retreat. To proudful to think a proper counter would come her way and to set upon her course to consider what the fall out might be. Of course bombs would soon be heading her way, drones had probably taken off already. Maverick personnel on security duty would empty entire magazines on her in an instant thankfully she to only needed an instant.

"Congrats on becoming the eye candy of a dying nation'

Such were her words before her fingers snapped and that star hovering in her hand went supernova. Hot as the core of the sun that brief explosion burned with an intensity that'd vaporize nearly anything. The enormous shock wave would reach speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour ripping structures apart as if they were but tissue paper. It was the radioactive reaper's desire to turn an inauguration speech into a mass grave. Heroes. villains none of the names meant a thing to Azrael revolutionary chaos the only thing she desired. Even the money for the action was just a superficial bonus, and of course they might stop her first attempt. It had happened before given the world they were in but generating the energy out put for such a move wasn't particularly difficult she wouldn't mind a game of stamina.

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@strigidae_23: I disagree :P maybe that's apart of why I've slowed down though lol

Losing can be just as fun as a win in my case. Cool as it is that Az got a bit of a win already by nuking part of Gothic. It's also a lot of fun playing Apex and her constant feud with Satar, who she's tried to kill or assist in killing what 3 or 4 times now. Don't need a anti magical vibranium armor with a quantum A.I cyber link with a series of weapons designed to fight Warsys or Mavs and the martial arts of three Keijio Masters 4 Arcani Nth arts and adept at the skills of Shangri La all while having a Konite stimulant as a back up and a Divus Crystal injection as a back up back up to do my job ^_^

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@strigidae_23: it can add flavor or build up though. And this is a game so if that's the fun part for someone then there shouldn't be an excuse to not :P

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@strigidae_23: I disagree, do what ya enjoy regardless. I know for r example the Bullseye kind of acuracy isn't gona be sold at 100%, but I'm still gona try and write Apex that way and pitch that that's the level she's at. It's what I enjoy and how I envision her so I figure run with it anyway