Characters Who Deserve Their Own Shows 2

So I already made a list containing characters that need their own TV shows (live-action or animated), and I realized a little while afterwards that I left out a couple. Felt that an entirely new list may be better than just adding certain characters.

List items

  • He's already an interesting character to read about, and is essentially (to me, anyway) Hellboy meets Savage Dragon. Pretty sure Dr. Dinosaur would become his version of Deadpool. Which could be good, or turn out to be absolutely awful. Either way, I can imagine this show being the comic book version of Archer, just a lot more light-hearted, and with a protagonist whom you never think is incompetent, what with being an artificially intelligent robot built by Nikola Tesla and all.

  • The "Buddy Cop" genre meets unbelievably incompetent superheroes. To be fair, Woody's the incompetent one, while Quantum's pretty capable. The two of them would make for a very entertaining show, and would definitely be a good show for Adult Swim to air. Lots of levity with a couple moments of seriousness, but more levity than anything else.

  • Doesn't really need much of an explanation. Guy already has a video game series, and an amazing comic book. A Native American stranded on Jurassic Park + Murderland.

  • I think a movie was set to be released (animated, of course), but I'm not too sure of that. Regardless, this dude is awesome. His series blends dark humor with Eldritch-flavored horror so well. Again, another series that would fit well with Adult Swim's other programs. It would be pretty good on FX too. Just not SyFy.

  • He had a spot on TMNT a while ago, but this dude deserves his own show. One that focuses on the serious, yet comical (mainly due to the art style more than anything else) tone that the comic has.

  • A show about a guy who punches robots in the face with his bare hands, and breaks them. Completely. He NEEDS his own show. Preferably animated, and maybe geared towards kids?

  • It's kind of impossible for me to think of her without thinking about a hotter, more humble version of Namor. She's already an amazing character in her own right, plus I think she could transfer well to television.

  • This one legitimately surprises me. He has two games, but not even one show or movie?

  • Easy choice here.