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My Top 5 Villains

I admit that I haven't read enough comics yet to firmly make this decision. But based on what I have read, these are my current top 5 favorite villains.

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  • I am currently making my way through Geoff John's run on GL, pre-new 52. I just wrapped up Rage of the Red Lanterns and I have read all the New 52 stuff. Although I still have a lot left to read, I can say for sure that Sinestro is my favorite villain. His motives are genuine but his ideals are questionable. He is just an amazing villain.

  • Loki is an interesting one. I really got to discover the character in Simonson's run on Thor, where he played an interesting role and really told a lot about the character. He was amazing in the Marvel movies and continues to be in the comics as well. Although Loki isn't a "villain" at the moment, he is definitely one of my favorites. He has personality and his trickery is always a treat to see. P.S. Loki Agent of Asgard has been awesome.

  • Surtur was another character that I was introduced to in Simonson's run, where he first appeared. Surtur, himself, is not a complex character. He really isn't. But whenever he arrives, there is this sense of epicness like no other. I loved The Surtur Saga to death, and this villain never fails to get me excited. I'm excited to see what Aaron does with this character in the future, and I am hoping he will be the villain for Thor 3.

  • I think this is a villain no one expected. If you don't know, he is a villain from the Valiant universe and the main antagonist of Harbinger. I started Harbinger at issue 14, so I have not read everything, but I can't help but love this villain. He is incredibly powerful, has a twisted view on how to save humanity, and will stop at nothing. He is just a remarkable and well done villain, that I want to read more about. I'm loving Harbinger: Omegas and am super excited to see what the next chapter of the Harbinger saga has in store.

  • Before anyone flips out, there is a reason I put Two-Face at number 5. One of them being that I don't think I have been exposed to enough villains in the comics, but another because he has really caught my attention recently. I have never read a book with him in it, but I am planning on purchasing the Absolute Edition of Batman: The Long Halloween as a start. I don't know enough about him yet, but based on the The Dark Knight and the Two-Face that first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, I love who this villain is and his story. I am excited to begin reading about him, and am sure he will remain among my favorites.