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My 10 Favorite Street Fighter Characters

Love the games. I may suck at them, but I love them nonetheless. So here is my top 10.

#1-5 will be in order with my favorite characters that I usually play.
#6-10 will be character that I rarely play but love anyways.

Also, I will name who I think is currently the best pro player of the character in their description.

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  • I used to hate Guile with a passion, as do most people. But after testing him out, I loved his moving wall type of play. Its different from the usual turtling, but the mix of crisp defense while moving forward and pressuring your opponents is something I love.

    Best Guile player: Dieminion

  • I only play her in SF4, but she is an awesome, spunky character. She is very different from the rest of the cast in term of play style, and is not a beginner friendly character. But once you get the ropes, pressuring people with axe kicks and command grabs is a blast.

    Best Makoto player: Haitani

  • My favorite character from SF3: Third Strike. He is far from the best, but his command grabs, stun gameplay, and powerful strikes make for a character that can mentally destroy your opponent. Plus he looks epic.

    Best Alex player: Renic

  • The first character I picked up when I played SF3 Third Strike. I don't play him as much anymore because of my love for Alex, but this character is so badass. He fights with one hand for the fun of it.

    Best Oro player: Kurodo

  • A character I recently picked up in USF4. As much as I bash about shoto characters, I have that craving to play a shoto-esque character every now and then, and Sagat is just right. He is far from top tier in USF4 but with some good reads and a good poke/fireball game, you can go pretty far.

    Best Sagat player: Bonchan

  • My favorite character that I just don't play. He is just an overall epic character, one of my favorites in video games actually. I don't play him in any version just because he is either too popular in Third Strike or his vital combos in USF4 are really tight and require lots of practice. I may try to learn him again some day. Until then, I'll do my best to keep it classy.

    Best Dudley player: Smug

  • It's hard to hate this guy. He is just such a fun character that requires lots of experience and practice to master. Plus his personality is just too awesome. He also has the best alternate costumes in USF4 in my opinion.

    Best Zangief player: Snake Eyez

  • A character that reminds me of Alex in some respects. He looks cool, he acts cool, and he is fun to both watch and play.

    Best Abel player: Rico Suave

  • I will probably never understand how to play this character, and will probably never learn him. That being said, he is epic and really interesting to watch in the hands of a master.

    Best Gen player: Xian

  • I'm giving the last spot to Ryu. I'll say this, I have a love/hate relationship with the character. He is just so cool, but some iterations of the character (SF4) are just so stale, boring, and easy. I love him in Third Strike though, where he take more skill to use.

    Best Ryu player: Daigo