Comic Diversity vs. Preference

This is a brief question I've recently had a debate with a friend over (it was friendly, so I thought maybe it will be friendly here too). Is their something wrong with a white male choosing to only read comics which star a white male? My side was no. As it is a preference and in fact I know someone who believes that he can only relate to white male characters so thats what HE reads. Now thats not to says that everbody can't have their own preferences, and everyone should read what they enjoy.


Project Wildstorm Multiverse

The objective of this forum is to try and speculate about briefly seen universes in Wildstorm comics. I choose Wildstorm because throughout the various series we see brief glimpses of interesting comic universes that we never get to explore. So here we are, preparing to both speculate and have some fun. There is a pseudo template below:

Universe Nickname (make it up if it isn't named)

Image of said multiverse

Speculation on said multiverse

Evidence regarding speculation (no image required)


Why do you love superheroes

This blog is for the superhero lovers of this website. Lately I have been feeling kinda strange towards superheroes. The oversaturation, the all-compassing politics. That love of Superheroes is almost fading. So I want to know, I want to hear you tell me in the best way possible: Why do you love superheroes?


the 80s Authority

I am trying to write a story based on the premise "what if an Authority existed in the 80s". Have any of you any characters that exemplifies the 80s enough to use as a refrence?


Golden Age Hero System

So I the hero system has methods of creating characters based through archtypes hwre are some Golden Age character archetypes I came up with.

Tibetan Mystic (Green Lama, Dynamic Man)

Pilots (Ghost, Black Eagle)

Masked Vigilantes (Green Hornet, Black Lion, Owl)

Supermen (Captain Marvel, Doc Tom Strange)

Aliens (Martan, Flash Gordon)

Speedsters (Wizzer, the Flash)

Flying Gadgets (Bulletman, Rocketman)

Detectives (Dr. Occult, Dick Tracy)

Patriots (Captain America, American Eagle)

Swordsman (Sword, Shining Knight)

Archers (Golden Bow, Green Arrow)

Gimmicks kinda vague (the Phantom, the Clock)

any ideas for other Golden age archtypes?

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Goldilocks Principle

Okay, so I am writing a story. I want my character to have powers and be a physical manifestation of the Goldilock Principle. So any idea how to do that? How the powers would work?


Justice vs. Earth 2 Wonders

Who wins in a match between the Pre-New52 Justice Society members: Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Hourman, Dr. Fate, Black Canary and Sandman


the Earth 2 Wonders: Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, Steel, and Wesley Dodds

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