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new fanfiction group


Hi guys. a friend of mine, dngn4774 is starting his own fanfiction group. in this little group, you will receive your own dc universe and will have free reign over them and their origins and even their costumes. I'm basically doing this to promote a group I feel could make some great stories so if you wanna join up and show your support that'd be great. ^^

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RPG characters. (vineverse) bio 1: Doc Sonic:The Man of motion.

Doctor Sonic – Tobias ''Toby'' Rask

AKAs:The man of motion, Doc Sonic.


Age: 24.

Eyes Amber



Interests:Speed, Science, Progress, Reason, Fun, Enjoyment, Junk Food, Practical jokes, Knowledge, Chemistry, Poe, Dickens, Justice, Tickle Fights, Inventions, 80s pop, Parties, Studying, Life, Freedom for Superheroes, Loyalty, Adventure, Swimming.

Dislikes:Organised Religion, Homophobia, Racism, Perfectionists, War without reason, Irrationality, Killjoys, Injustice, Oppression, The Regestration Act, The Bible, Boredom, Amorality, Stupidity, Intolerance, Conservatism.

Base:Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb) and Alfred F. Jones (America in Hetalia)

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(In/out of costume)


Advanced Intellect: Doc has a mind with an intellect above other people his age. He can latch onto skills easer than most people and learn knew knowledge easier than most. His skills include the following.

Technological Engineering: He has the ability to create gadgets based off his advanced knowledge of science and chemistry as well as his fascination with locomotion and acceleration. He currently has blueprints for devices drawn up he has yet to even invent.

Chemistry: Due to his Advanced intellect, The Doc was able to latch onto the skill of chemistry like a fish to water. It was using this as well as his tech engineering and knowledge of science that he was able to build the gadgets he uses to fight crime as well as make a chemical blend for the suit.

Zoom-Fu: A martial art invented by Toby, described as ''Kung-Fu at Mach 4 speeds.''

Suit: The In order to to protect his body from friction, the Doctor invented a special suit and helmet that does this as well as protect his secret identity. It is created from a mixture of fibreglass, leather, wax and latex.

Sonic boots/Gauntlets: Doc Sonic's own inventions, built into the suit that by manipulating pressure points in the feet allow him to move 4 times faster than sound. (2880 mph) The gauntlets work in the same way, manipulating pressure points in the arms and hands. Both these devices allow the doctor to do a variety of amazing skills and powers.

Superhuman Speed: This is a given thanks to the gauntlets and boots. The speed generated by them allow him to even run up walls.

Phasing: The boots and gauntlets have vibration options that have the ability to vibrate the wearers molecules, allowing them to phase through solid objects or even people for a short time.

Vortex Creations:The gauntlets allow the doctor to rotate his arms at such a rate he can create wind vacuums such as tornadoes and gusts with his arms through a focused funnel.

Energy Construct Creation: Doctor Sonic can if he concentrates hard enough, can create objects from the matter generated by his speed, such as walls, vehicles or even bridges. However, these objects are difficult to make. If you do not fully concentrate they will collapse within 1 hour. Using his speed, Doc can also make after images of himself.

Decelerated Aging: While running, the Doctor's aging process slows down considerably thanks to the speed generated by his boots and devices. It all depends on how long he runs. If he runs for a day, in theory he will have an extra day added to his life.


Normal Mortal being:without the boots and gauntlets, Doctor Sonic is powerless. Even if he does have them, he is libel to burst into flames without the protection of the suit. Plus if the gauntlets or boots are damaged, it takes time for them to be repaired. He can also be harmed by illness and injury.

Advanced Metabolism: While on the move and especially while wearing the gauntlets, the doc must make pit-stops in order to eat or drink in order to keep up his energy.

Rechargeable Equipment: In order to keep his boots and gauntlets powered, Doc Sonic equipped them with ''VCB's'' (Velocity Charged Batteries). In order to keep them powered, he must charge the batteries every 48 hours by absorbing the speed of another moving object or life form. Through an absorbing gadget built into the gauntlets that also charges the boots.

Secret Origin: Tobias Rask was born March 7th 1989 to parents Eljas and Cassidy Rask in the small town of Coffeeville, Alabama. His father was a Finnish man and his mother American, But young Toby found himself from birth in a strict, religious household that regarded many things as sinful. Toby's parents were Methodists, but at the age of two, it seemed that their son was destined not to be. By the age of 4, Toby's intellect was beginning to show itself. At that age, was reading the works of authors like Dickens and even Poe with gusto and a firm grasp of the literature he was reading. But not so much the bible.

This of course worried and angered his religious fundamentalist parents, who were angered that their son may be under the influence of Satan. They of course went to their local minister who gave them his two cents. It was his firm idea that Tobias was under Satan’s influence as much as his parents believed it. Through worldly influences, Toby was being taught to reject god. At least, that's what he said. To counteract this and now convinced the worldly books were the reason for their son's possession, The Rask's had them burned and forced their son to read the bible in the morning and after school every day for 3 hours on each time frames. Despite this, reading the bible only seemed to increase Toby's confusion and disillusionment with the gospel. He had very few friends as he was told that what most would regard as innocent fun, was worldly and therefore evil. In fact, most of his time was spent with his parents, at school, at church or at protests with the church group. The church travelled all other Alabama and other southern states protesting gay marriage, rock concerts and sporting events among other things. Toby never understood the point of the protests, but kept his questions silent as if he didn't, he would get a slap in the cheek.

Toby's favourite place was of course at the local library at his school. It was hear, away from his parents that he was able to look at books than he found fascination in, physics, science, chemistry, etc. He became, at the age of 6, fascinated by the complex physics of speed and velocity. Having lived in a world filled with super powered beings, including one's with superhuman speed, Toby's fascination with the concept only grew stronger. He saw himself in daydreams becoming coffeeville's local hero as he zipped around the city, faster than sound. Without the control of his parents, and because of his seemingly natural advanced mind, Toby's knowledge of science & chemistry kept on growing. He had developed a strong, rebellious attitude and what recess time he had was spent either playing with the other kids, or in science class after lessons, playing around with the chemistry sets and other tools As a result, he had by the ages of 6 and 7 created his own latex balloon, light bulb, Zinc–carbon battery, (for a friend who needed them for a remote controlled car) and by accident, sulphuric acid. Toby wasn't hurt, but the floor of the classroom had a hole burned straight through from the desk downwards. Nevertheless, this achievement was almost worth the beating he received afterwards from his parents.

One day however, Toby took his love of science too far with his parents and his rebellious attitude got the better of him, when he took home a copy of ''The Origin of Species'' by Charles Darwin. After a sound thrashing, Toby was left crying in his room angry and sad. His parents had thrown their copy of the bible into his room. Hours passed by, and eventually Toby was tempted to read the book that his parents held in such high regard. It only took but 5 chapters in for Toby to drop the book in disgust. Intolerance, genocide, racism and paranoia were the creeds of this book. And downstairs, were the people who held the book in such high reguard, two maniacs who dared to call themselves parents. Toby was scared, terrified, and at that moment, bitter and angry. That night, he sneaked out of bed and made a dash for the phone.

The next morning, a week before he was to turn 8, social services took Toby out of the hands of his parents, and into the hands of the state. He was soon taken in by a couple from Birmingham. Having read the less than pleasant history of Coffeeville a month before, he was more than happy to get out of town. His foster parents were not very religious, and respected their foster son's new found atheism all too well.

As the years rolled on, Toby's intellect went ever upwards. He mostly used his smarts to make his adopted parents lives better now. He owed them everything for their saving him from the hell he had been living. At the age of 12, he had design a ''warm water facet'' for the sink, an old people friendly car for his foster grand parents and even helped his dad program a windows computer. Through it all, Toby retained the sense of fun, mischief and even playful rebellion that most kids his age experience. An attitude he would maintain well into his twenties.

By the age of 17, Toby Rask had been excepted into Birmingham-Southern College and it was there that his intellect reached it's peak. Despite being labelled as a nerd, those who knew Toby knew him as a prankster and loyal friend. Toby felt happier here than he had ever felt anywhere else. He had finally found a home here in this place, where his mind flourished and his friends were few but all he needed. Shortly after leaving college he landed a job in an institute for science and technology as a scientist in both chemistry and technology. Even as a rookie, it would be where his career as a costumed hero would begin. He theories there that through the manipulation of pressure points on the body, the human speed level could be increased considerably. And while his friends and colleagues regarded him as an expert where velocity was concerned, no one was sure what to make of this idea.

Then, 2 years after leaving college Toby was walking home from work when he saw a red light in the sky over his parents house. Worried he ran over to where the light was coming from and it was there that a sight of utter horror greeted his eyes! There was the house, surrounded by fire engines and ambulances...it had burned to the ground. After questioning a few officers, Toby heard from one of them that the culprits had been a group of neo-luddites known as the ''Return to Eden Project''. They had attacked and killed Toby's parents in their home for their support and investment in tech companies for which they were locally famous. Angry and on the verge of killing someone, for the next week Toby attempted to help track down the anarchists. Then, they caught wind of the anarchists next target! Birmingham-Southern College! Tobias could stand it no longer, and he decided to take matters into his own hands. There was only a week before the attack.

Once again taking inspiration from the costumed heroes of earth as well as his own fascination with speed, Toby Laboured for 5 days on his gadgets and suit For his suit, a chemical mixture of fibreglass, leather, wax and latex with a bulletproof glass visor. For his speed, he built the gauntlets and boots that manipulated his pressure points, allowing him to travel faster than sound. Maybe not very detailed, but sometimes simplicity is all you need.

To make a long story short, Toby succeeded in stopping the R.E.P just in time. By phasing his hand through the bomb destined to blow up the college, in just the right place he was able to defuse it. He was instantly regarded as a hero by the press and Birmingham. And to the press, he gave his costumed name. Doctor Sonic. The press had another name for him though. Doc Sonic: The Man of Motion. Using this new found name, Doctor Sonic travelled all over the country, righting wrongs and adventuring wherever he went.

But now, a mere 2 weeks after his debut, dark clouds are gathering. Superheroes are now required by law to register with the government in order to continue their work. Where does Doc stand in all this? Doctor Sonic, has decided to fight against the act. Will the man of motion succeed in this endeavour, or will he fail and be locked up for his ideology? Time will tell.


Despite his mass intelligence, Toby is more like a teenager. Laid back, playful and kinda sloppy at times. He is both playful, rebelliously so at times and even a little mischievous at times. His favourite movies are Airplane, The Muppets, Dr. No, and Pink Floyd's The Wall. He loves his work as a scientist and is constantly plotting to come up with new inventions. When not in his Sonic Boots, he prefers to walk around his house barefoot or in socks. His favourite food is Mac and Cheese. Despite this, he does know when to get serious, but always tries to look on the bright side. He is however still haunted by his past in Coffeevile. He is extremely progressive and liberal minded, supporting gay marriage and separation of church and state. He is an Atheist.

HQ: To best protect Birmingham as well as hide from the government and the pro reg movement. Doc Sonic stationed himself in an abandoned observatory overlooking the city. Doctor Sonic calls this place, ''Momentum Manor''. The ''Manor'' is believed to be haunted by many Birminghamites and few dare to go near it. As a result, only a few heroes know that Sonic resided there while in costume.

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It has a bedroom, a bathroom, a telescope, a library, a lab, & a kitchen.