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This was some stuff I made up and wrote down when I was like 12. I wanted it saved somewhere that no one I know would find it, for memorabilia purposes. Don't judge on my awful creation plz.

The Crimson Centurion

The story of Axel Peters begins in his mid teens. He is not an average kid and people around him have always noticed that he is special and holds moral qualities that you do not see with everyone. One day (15 years), he is walking through a park and witnesses a mugging. Despite it being visible that the muggers are armed with knives and guns, he rushes in and protects the victim. The victim immediately runs away and Axel is beaten up, shot and stabbed. On the verge of death, a shooting star happens to cross the night sky above him. It releases something that heads straight down to Axel. It is a substance of pure red light that engulfs him, empowering him. He manages to crawl out of the park where he is found and hospitalised.

Miraculously, he completely heals his wounds in a week. Axel soon discovers that he is physically at the top of his game - he is stronger, faster and has great stamina and endurance. His intelligence has also improved drastically, allowing him to learn faster and think smarter. He even has an improved internal body system that gives him a healing factor, explaining his fast recovery. These abilities are completely unbeknownst to Axel and he carries on through life as usual and soon learns he can excel at everything he does.

Later in life, he joins the police force (18) where he rises through the ranks very quickly because of many successes in the field, even being moved departments to drug enforcement. On one particular case, he finds that the criminals are suspiciously one stop ahead of him and his colleagues. Axel later discovers members of the precinct are corrupt, even his partner who he thought was his best friend. After much struggle, he manages to expose his colleagues, but the consequences fail to live up to the actions they did. Seeing he cannot provide much good through the police he decides to join the war against the extra-terrestrial beings that have landed on and have taken land in Africa (age 23). After many years of combat, he is chosen to become a part of the elite black ops team because of his exceptional display of skills during the war. Axel later decides to quit from the task force after questioning the morality about the nature of the missions he is tasked with, but is told he has no choice in leaving. Instead, he decides to go AWOL and travels under a fake identity (30). Hiding out in China, without money and unable to contact his loved ones, he is given the option to battle in underground fight clubs, which he unwantingly goes through.

One day Axel's true identity is found out by the Chinese police, but with his unique set of single handedly managing to fight off crime syndicates.

Little did he know he was being teleported to a new world, a world that needed him. He was in Crimsoria, the home planet of the Crimson Corps - an intergalactic peace keeping force. Desperate for recruitment for the war against the scarlet corps, Axel is sent into training. Although initially hesitant, he discovers that if the Scarlet Centurions win, The milky way would be one of the first galaxies to be colonised, meaning Earth would be at danger of being enslaved. Axel's incident those so many years ago was from the fusion force - the fusion force initiates anyone that is worthy to harness the power. The Crimson Corps usually allows the fusion force manifest within the centurion independently without contact for 20 years since initial incident but they needed immediate recruitment for training even for the immature manifestated due to the circumstances of war.

The crimson corps and the scarlet corps are within the same chroma group (red). All the different chroma groups have dark sides. Under their rule, it would be completely totalitarian. Other chroma's include the Blue (ultra-marine=good, sapphire=evil) and the Green (emerald=good, ivy=evil). The different chroma have unique ways to manipulate the fusion force. For example, whereas the Red chroma specialise in energy projection/manipulation and a danger sense, the Blue chroma have the ability to teleportation and control over unintelligible creatures (animals). Centurions from different chromas rarely interact with each other - good and bad. Conflicts usually stay within the same chroma as they operate in different areas of the universe, in control of their sectors and because it is traditional convention for the different chroma's to not interfere with one another. The evil sides of the chroma's sometimes rule their areas of the universe with the good in the minority - this goes for the Green with the Ivy in complete power albeit it is reported there have been minor emerald rebellions. The Blue currently has its sapphire side underground with the aqua-marine's in easy ruling. The red chroma had been in the shade of crimson for thousands of years with the scarlet centurions rebellion being quite recent. The Scarlet centurion attack in then Crimson's sector has raised alarms as a genuine threat to the Crimson's hold of power.

They train Axel to tap in to his portion of the fusion force (the source of the all the corps. A fusion of all energies of the universe) and in doing so it enables him energy projection, energy manipulation for shields, a danger sense (explained in powers section) as well as super strength, speed and flight. Your power as a crimson centurion is fuelled on your good qualities, qualities including courage and benevolence. The qualities vary for the chroma's but generally, the good are powered by good qualities and vice versa for the evil. They also give him an armour/uniform that increases his durability to extreme levels. It is what allows Axel to focus and manipulate his share of the fusion force. Without the armour, he cannot hold in his amount of the fusion force and it is all just released and only a small amount of the energy remains in his body, explaining his peak human stats when not using the armour but does not have the rest of his abilities: flight, speed, energy manipulation. The armour holds in all of the fusion force he has.

Axel's training had initially been hard for him due to him being a human, which was looked down on by the other aliens as they were seen as an uncivilised and undeveloped race. What with most of his alien comrades and enemies having a similar humanoid physiology, however, Axel's training in the police, army and his boxing career was proving extremely useful for him, giving him a reputation as one of the greatest hand to hand fighters in the army. Axel is also discovered to have an amazingly strong and sophisticated manipulation of the fusion force due to his great courage and goodness. Completing army camp as one of the top soldiers, Axel is sent to war. On his first mission to free a POW camp, Axel's team is discovered and captured. In the POW camp, after smartly strategising his way out of torture, Axel finds a way to regain his power and, after witnessing his friend get executed, single-handedly destroys the camp and frees the prisoners.

This earns him a great deal of achievements and respect. He is soon placed into an A-team of fellow high achieving crimson centurions where they are sent out to carry out special tasks to weaken the scarlet army. These tasks are heavily significant to the Crimson Centurions and the goings of the war itself as they include the liberation of multiple planets and nations that would later help and contribute to the crimson's, the defeat of scarlet generals and their armadas as well as the destruction of scarlet army camps and rescue of crimson POW's.


Axel Peter's powers come from the energies of the Fusion Force. The fusion force is a fusion of all the energies of the universe. The more you are at one with the crimson chroma, the more of the fusion force you have. This manipulation of the force is what allows him to have such strength, speed and so on. Unfortunately, when he uses too much of his power he releases a lot of the fusion force. Long term exposure to the fusion force can can harm some planet's atmospheres because of the purity of its energy and radiation. Axel therefore limits his power on planets such as Earth to limit the release of the fusion energy.

Axel is given a special armour by the Crimson Corps that helps him focus and manipulate his share of the fusion force. It provides him the ability to survive in deep space allowing extreme durability against the dangers of space which is also very useful for combat. The armours helmet provides him communications with other members of the corps, super sight, super hearing, a universal translator and can serve as a Universal GPS for when travelling around the universe.

Without the armour, all the energy is lost and only a small amount of it remains in his body not allowing him to use any of his usual powers. He does however remain with peak human stats - he is exceptionally strong, fast and versatile for a human and even has an advanced internal body system. Without the power armour, Axel is very skilled. The force has allowed him to be the best a human can possibly be both in terms mentally and physically, allowing him to have a very tactical and intelligent mind which has been exercised in his time of battle. His years within the marines, police force as well as his career as an mma champ has allowed him to train his hand to hand combat allowing him to learn many, many styles of martial arts and defence. This gained him a high reputation within the Corps as energy projection is less useful than h2h against the scarlet corps what with their similar power set.

His armour evolves and changes to hold in more of the fusion force when he hones in to the true extent of the crimson chroma, an ability only very few centurions have. When he exceeds the limit of the Crimson Centurion armour his armour evolves on to the Centurion Prime armour. When he exceeds the limit of the Prime armour his armour breaks down and he turns in to an immensely powerful being made of pure fusion force energy called The Centurion Omega. To turn into Centurion Omega form he must hone the energies of not only the crimson chroma but from all the other ones as well - scarlet, ivy, emerald, ultra marine etc. This ability is available to a select few beings in the universe. However, there is danger of turning into his Omega form as he would be at risk of losing sense of who he truly is, making the Omega a highly dangerous being as it would be without human conscience and morality.

Power Set:

Super Strength - The Fusion force grants him an extraordinary amount of strength. Notably, he has destroyed entire mountains and has even punched through and destroyed a small asteroid. On Earth he limits his super strength but is even then able to accomplish feats like collapsing skyscrapers with his sheer strength, lifting a cargo plane with little effort and

Super Speed/Flight - At the maximum of his ability, Axel is able to fly faster then light speed. An instance of this is when he travelled from Earth to Mars in less then 28 seconds. He also regularly travels from solar system to solar system in hours. He also has a significantly fast running speed, being able to accelerate so fast that the human eye cannot track him and can even reach a speed where he can cross countries in minutes. He is able to fight at extreme speeds during battle as well. He frequently blitzes and defeats groups opponents with blasts and strikes in a matter of moments.

Energy Projection - He is able to fire beams of the fusion force. Depending on his concentration, the beams can be powerful enough to destroy entire space ships and hurt very powerful beings. This is an extremely effective long range attack and can often KO or even kill opponents. Axel normally fires this from his arms, but he can also project it as an area attack, fire it from his helmet and even use it as an added oomph to his physical attacks.

Stargates - When Axcel reaches a certain flying speed, he can use all the fusion energy he is releasing while flying to create a star gate. The star gate can transport him to any place in the universe of his choosing, although the further the location the more energy required.

Super Durability - The centurion armour provides him super durability. In this armour he is durable enough to tank hits from very powerful, super strong beings. The armour allows him to stay unharmed whilst on his travels out in deep space as well - like the scorching heat and burning plasma of stars. In one instance, he managed to survive a super nova, albeit he had force field protection, and as a result the suit completely destroyed, he was severely injured, on the brink of death. The moment the suit is susceptible to damage, it deforms. In most cases however, the user dies before the suit breaks.

Fusion Force Shields - Axcel can manipulate the energy into force fields to grant protection from things like energy blasts, explosions etc. The shields are very hard to break to, but it very much depends on Axel's concentration.

Limited Molecular Manipulation - He can form the armour around himself while in his regular form at will. When he exceeds the power of his centurion armour, the armour changes into the Prime armour.