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If only this were canon 0

This issue spins out of 'To Become an Immortal', the 'One More Day' of the Silver Age. It is one of the most important stories in Thor history and yet one of the most horrific. We saw Jane Foster 'fail' her auditon for godhood. I have several issues with 'To Become an Immortal' :  - The entire plot is so orchestrated it clearly reads as a set up. - Jane is penalised for not using her powers successfully on her first attempt - Jane is thrown in with the Lurking Unknown after being a god for merel...

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A setup issue 0

The first in a four part story where Reactron is captured for the second time this year. This issue is emotionally charged for the leads and that is about it. The issue is full of arguments that are not pleasant to read. The leads are too busy fighting each other to notice the threat which makes them seem a bit dim. In fact one panel has Thara call Kara and 3 panels later Kara asks Chris how he knows her name despite him never leaving the scene. Aside from those issues this issue does not clear ...

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A Classic in Super-hero movies. 0

This is what made me fall for Kara Zor-El. No other Supergirl can compare. I think to this day I read Silver Age Kara in Helen Slater's voice. The plot isn't as complicated as some make it out to be. Kara lives in Argo city which is in another dimension and stays  alive due to a device called the Omegahedron, a sphere with immense power. After Kara loses the device she takes a perilous trip to Earth to find it using a bracelet that glows in its presence. There is a lot of good in this movie. Hel...

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