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the new spiderman is? an original or ultimate version

Who do you think the new ultimate spiderman is do you think it will be a original ultimate character or an ultimate version of an old character 
and also i would also like to hear your thoughts on the new spiderman? 
Do you think he will be better than the 16 year old Peter Parker or will do you think he will be a huge dud? 
Personally i am excited about the new spiderman character! 
- my thoughts on who the most likely  it could be  for an alternative
 *      kaine
*    Ezekial 
Ben Reilly  
*  the clone who became the scorpion

Red hulk is it who you wanted it to be

I know this is a bit late but now we all know who the red hulk really is and it is thunderbolt ross and we've all seen him change in to the red hulk in issue #23
when i saw it i thought "what the hell happend to his trademark mustache?" i mean when he transforms back in to ross he has it but when hes red hulk he loses it. 
Is it the man who you thought it would be?



These are images that will be used for the fifth series of doctor who. As everyone knows there will be a new doctor lets have a look at him, his new companion and sonic screwdriver


 the tenth doctor taking his final steps and then .... 

now take a look at his new screwdriver