Why is Pro X called Chuck ?

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Can someone explain .

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I believe 'Chuck' is an acceptable nickname for 'Charles', like 'Charlie'. Similar to how someone named 'Robert' can be called 'Bob'.

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@JonSmith said:

I believe 'Chuck' is an acceptable nickname for 'Charles', like 'Charlie'. Similar to how someone named 'Robert' can be called 'Bob'.

This. "Chuck" is just another name for "Charles" and vice-versa.
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Wolverine usually calls Professor Xavier "Chuck" in some of the earlier comics, so I guess that's his way of greeting Professor Xavier.

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Everyone used to call him Sir or Professor. Wolverine being the bad boy (at least back then) called him Chuck. The Professor hated and preferred Charles at least. After that it kinda became the Professor's nickname from only Wolverine. 

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Colossus used Professor X for a fast ball special...it didn't work out too well. Wolverine's a dick and likes calling him chuck because of it.

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