Professor X loves Jean Grey

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I read on a forum that Professor X confessed that he was in love with Jean Grey in Ultimate X-men.

In issue 3 of the original X-men series, Charles also confessed to this in an inner monologue. Did this original subplot go anywhere or was it dropped because of its creepiness?

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I haven't heard that..but yeah i would say it was dropped because of its creepiness and it also wouldn't go anywhere

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Well you can't blame the guy...

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Post Deleted.

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But then in the 60s, what were the laws about it? If mutants are another species, does it apply to them?

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Post Deleted.

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I know this happened...I can't remember any issue numbers but yea the professor was in love with her. It came up once way back when, but I have an issue with cyclops and jean kissing on the cover on their wedding day. Inside at some point Jean is thanking the professor for acting as her dad and he has this inner monologue about how hard it is to mask his feelings.
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It was also a big issue during the whole Onslaught mess.  Before we knew who Onslaught was, Onslaught met with Jean in the astral plane and he showed what the professor thought of her when he first met her.  I can't remember the exact issue but I'll try to find it.

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actually its been a hinted at for years that the prof has always been in love with jean on some level and just never acted on it. however thats why I was freaking out when he actually said it in the ultimate universe. However I guess thats just one of the many differences along with Colossus being gay, witch is fine with me. anyway i would love to see a  reality were professor x and jean Grey were the marvel couple and not Scott and Jean

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said: I'd rather eat my toe.

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I think it was dropped. I remember reading it in the ultimate series and they haven't done anything about it since.

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Pervy old man

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pretty gross considering he has known and mentored her since she was a kid.

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I remeber having the issue and after reading it I stopped reading the Ultimate issues.

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o_O I would like to see the scan XD

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There was an issue shortly before the Scott/Jean wedding (which took place shortly after the Prof turned Magneto into an invalid) in which a portion of Magneto within Xavier's mind interrogates him in regard to why he can't be happy over the wedding.  Xavier confesses that Jean reminds him of Amelia Voght, a woman who left him out of her concern that Xavier and Magneto would eventually go to blows over their respective philosophies.  Xavier, much to his own guilt, actually tried to change Amelia's mind.

This, among other problems, leads to Onslaught.

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Well, if Rogue can, so can Jean

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No idea why people insult Xavier and use terms like Pervy to insult the guy, when he kept his feeling back because he regonized it was inappropriate since he was the leader of the X-men (plus some weird insecurity about being unable to provide love while being unable to walk, seems like Lilandra helped him get over that).

Prof X is a seriously moral guy, he has the ability to mentally subjugate people and doesn't do it. That's more than the vast majority of the Marvel Universe (or any of us) can say they've been tested with.

Not sure why falling in love with Jean Gray is some kinda moral sin, people seem to forgive Wolverine for it.

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How old are the original two teams really? Banshee was depicted as being roughly the same age Jean yet he and Moira were a couple. Moira used to be with Charles so is Moira also a perv or is she the same age as Jean and Charles is even more of a perv?

I don't have any access to the original X-Men but I have the collected trades of most of Claremont's work and most of the X-Men were depicted as being young adults. Early on Storm encounters a group of heroine addicted teenagers squatting in the apartment her parents lived in when they first met. She referred them as boys and made it sound like she was older than them. This most likely means that her alongside the other X-Men (save Wolverine) were in their early 20s when they joined. Cyclops referred to the new team as children meaning he is older than them at the time (most likely in his mid 20s). I don't think more than 5 years past between recruiting each team meaning if Cyclops wasn't 20 when he was recruited he was damn near close. How much younger is Jean than Scott? Couldn't be more than a year.

Charles was a young man when he first encountered Storm as a young thief in Ciaro. She looked like she was close to ten. Making Charles no more than 15 years older than her. There's no way Jean is younger than Storm. At best they are the same age. So that makes Charles no more than 15 years older than Jean who was most likely in her late teens (18 most likely) when she was recruited. 15 years (at most, remember) is a considerable gap but not something that I would consider enough to be pervy, especially in comics.

The problem with Charles (and Magneto) is that unlike his students, his origin is tied to real life events. The consequence of this is that as time goes on in real life, he ages faster in the Marvel continuity than his students. Making the age gap between them seem a lot larger now than it did in the 60s when that panel above was made. In the 60s someone who was a boy during the holocaust wasn't that old. He doesn't have the convenience of being frozen and revived at some nondescript time like Captain America. Being bald and handicapped also doesn't help him.

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No Caption Provided

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It was a common enough trope back in the 60's in all sorts of media. Still is. Not a big thing.

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@shadowpro: I'll tell you only if you give me a cookie

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