Could Xavier stop Phoneix Cyclops

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or he did make an empty threat

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i think its time that Marvel really let Xavier loose and take the gloves off. Time to show everyone how powerful he really is.

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@DrLove said:

i think its time that Marvel really let Xavier loose and take the gloves off. Time to show everyone how powerful he really is.

I'd love to see this myself.

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Xavier is alot more powerful then he is given credit for but what peopple fail to realise is that xavier has always held back his power i mean look what happened when he unleashed on magneto...... ONSLAUGHT!!!!!! Xavier knows how to take down every member of the x-men.... aka the xavier protocols & xavier is in possession of the Mind gem still plus who knows what other connections xavier has plus he has legion to back him so naw his threat wasnt empty at all it is valid & shouldnt be taken lightly even by a phoenix powered cyclops...... xavier has exprience dealing with the phoenix force & when he went up againts it the last time it was the phoenix force in jean's form this time it is within cyclops & the others it will be easier for him this time around because A he is stronger in his own powers & B because this isnt the actual force it is the force inhabiting another so it should be easier to sever the bonds

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#5 Posted by Madame_Mist (1338 posts) - - Show Bio

I wouldn't be surprised if Xavier had something up his sleeve.

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#6 Posted by redomega (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Question: Is Prof. X walking again?

On topic, I think he could. Cyclops hasn't got the WHOLE PF in him. Sure he'll be stronger, but I don't think Charles will have too much trouble - like he won't be on the brink of death. It would be good to see him go all out.

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#7 Posted by XsPectre28 (760 posts) - - Show Bio

Xavier has been walking since he returned after M-day........... has been for years

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#8 Posted by telepathic666 (230 posts) - - Show Bio

no he can't

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With him popping up in A Vs X #6 & #8, I'd like to think that they plan to use him in some way. Hopefully he doesn't try to attack and get badly hurt, leaving him in a wheelchair again :\

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I have a hard time seeing the last few AvsX being XvsX. More like everyone vs the remaining Phoenix hosts. BUT that wasn't the question...

I do feel like if anyone had a chance to go vs Scott in Phoenix form, it's Xavier. I really wish that Uncanny X-men dealt with Utopia/Xavier/Magneto instead of some odd Sinister story line. I would of liked to see Xavier/Magneto talking more and Xavier's struggle with seeing two of his closest students (Jean and Scott) being possessed by the same entity. Xavier is probably one of the key players that could take down Scott, with knowing his former student, telepathy, and having experience with Jean's phoenix days.

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i am not a huge marvel fan and i do not know what a mind gem is but the phoenix is meant to be one of the most powerful entities in the universe, so can a mutant from earth honestly defeat it?

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If anyone is going to do it and make Cyclops come to his senses it would either be Jean, Hope, Emma or Xavier. The OP just asks if he could stop him, would Xavier's death be a move that could wake Cyclops up? Yes. There aren't many people who could do that. Only others I could think of would be Emma if she dies, Hope if she dies, and Jean but she's not relevant for now. And as previously (and recently) mentioned he does possess the mind gem. He could invade Scott's mind with and with unlimited psionic energy at his disposal, I'd say he could.

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@DrLove: @ZombieBigfoot:

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I feel bad for Xavier due to he is blaming himself for the Phoenix Five. I hope he doesn't beat himself up on this when AvX is over. (I hope he survives too.)

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