Professor Philo Zog

    Character » Professor Philo Zog appears in 25 issues.

    A scientific genius. He created Electro, the Marvel of the Age.

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    Professor Philo Zog was a philanthropist and humanitarian that created a wonder robot he called Electro. His robot was under the control of Professor Zog and his twelve assistants via remote control electra-wave thought impulse and television apparatus. Professor Zog would send Electro on various missions to help civilians in need, to stop evil dictators and extraterrestrial threats like Jago and his Dragon Men. Professor Zog however also used Electro to help the allied forces when World War II started.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Twelve - Left Behind

    It was during the end days of World War II that Professor Zog's controlled robot was sent to a Nazi bunker in Berlin with other superheroes, wanting to inspect the bunker. While the heroes all entered the bunker,  a trap spun locking the chamber from the outside world. This lock-down caused the immediate failing of the transmission that Professor Zog used to control Electro. The robot froze and did not give any sings of 'life'. Nothing was heard from the professor again after this point and it is unknown how he lived out the rest of his days, or if he is still alive.
    Years later, in 2007, when the Electro robot and the other heroes where found alive, it was revealed that Professor Zog had been a very lonly person. He had made Electro come alive via his very own brain-patterns, so that he would never truly be alone anymore. However, when Electro was cut off from Professor Zog's control, the robot had become lonely too and had been seeking out contact with other machinery for almost 7 decades.

    Alternate Versions


    Marvel Zombies Destroy

    In this alternate reality Nazi have found a special flower that changes them into Zombies. These new Nazi-Zombies have taken over the world. Professor Zog and the Suffragists are the last of the non-zombie rebellion. When the Ducky's Dozen come from Earth-616 to help, Professor Zog takes them aboard his train, and leads them to the Nazi-Zombie Headquarters.

    Along the way the train is attacked by a Zombie Version Valkyrie. Professor Zog is bitten and his his eyes devoured, and his body plucked from the train. Later his decapitated head is thrown back into the train's passenger car by the zombies.


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