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Professor Ojo's father was an assistant at an atomic energy facility with primitive safety standards. Ojo's father was exposed to massive doses of radiation that resulted in Ojo inheriting an extreme genetic defect. Ojo was literally born without any eyes and grew up with a hatred of atomic energy. Ojo became a brilliant scientist who invented a device that allowed him to see by transmitting visual information to his brain.

Ojo was then able to launch a criminal campaign condemning the harmful effects of radiation and atomic energy by exposing the public to the catastrophic results. He later became an associate of the League of Assassins. When Ojo stole an experimental atomic submarine, he and his men fought Richard Dragon and the Bronze Tiger. When Ojo and the Crumbler tried to destroy an atomic power plant, they fought Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

Other Media

Professor Ojo appears in the episode "Infiltrator" of the Young Justice animated series, as a member and technology expert for the League of Shadows.He was able to release energy blasts from his eyes, he was defeated by Superboy.

Ojo in Young Justice - Infiltrator
Ojo in Young Justice - Infiltrator

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