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Professor Oak features in the RBY series of the Pokemon Manga.

He owns every non-legendary Pokemon that lives in the Kanto region.

Professor Oak gave Red and Green both a Pokedex each, Green obtained Charmander and Red received Bulbasaur.

After accidentally releasing all of Oaks' Pokemon, Red sort out to help Oak. Hours later, Red and Oak re-captured all of the accidentally released pokemon, except one, Bulbasaur. After saving Red from a wild Machoke, Oak decided to give Red Bulbasaur.


In the anime Professor Oak is a famous scientist and poet pokémon, it was he who gave Ash Ketchum, when he turned 10 years old, his first Pokemon, Pikachu, and his grandson Gary Oak a Squirtle. May also gave a Squirtle baby.

Several of Ash's Pokémon are in their lab, such as:

  1. Krabby> Kingler
  2. Muk
  3. 30 Tauros
  4. Bulbasaur
  5. Heracross
  6. Totodile
  7. Cyndaquil> Quilava
  8. Noctowl
  9. Chikorita> Bayleef
  10. Phanpy> Donphan
  11. Snorunt> Glalie
  12. Torkoal
  13. Taillow> Swellow
  14. Treecko> Grovyle> Sceptale
  15. Starly> Staravia> Staraptor
  16. Corphish
  17. Turtwig> Grotle> Torterra
  18. Chimchar> Monferno> Infernape
  19. Buizel
  20. Gible

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