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A lone figure stands on the roof of a burning building. He holds a sword in each hand, with arms outstretched. A voice whispers, calling for it's mother, pleading for her to come.

Down below, firefighters try desperately to extinguish the blaze. Firefighter Ashley Quinn arrives at the scene; late as usual. The men in charge give Quinn a heads up on the situation. They're not having any luck putting the fire out, and there appears to be a man holding swords dancing on the roof. Quinn thanks them and rushes inside.

Inside the burning building, Quinn transforms into his "other", Ash, and manages to absorb the inferno. As he exits from the charred remains, Quinn tells the other firefighters that there was no one inside. An older man with a young child leaves the scene. The man calls the boy Alvie, and tells him that he did very well.

In Gotham City, an angry Batman swoops out of the sky and confronts Jean-Paul Valley. Batman asks him if he was in New York the night before, and if he started any fires there. Valley bitterly denies both charges and asks Batman why he came to him. Batman responds that firefighters reported a man with swords of fire at the scene; and Valley in his other identity uses a flaming sword. Valley again denies having anything to do with the blaze, and Batman tells him that in that case, he may want to clear his name. He tells Valley that on his computer he'll find info about arsonists New York City... and to pay particular attention to the one called Firefly.

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Back in New York, the child from before is revealed to be a "gray" alien. Alvie asks the man if he thinks his mother saw the flaming signal that they had set for her. The man tells Alvie that his mother is a great distance away; several more signal fires may be necessary. He asks Alvie to summon Surtur, just for a second. Alvie agrees, and the flaming figure of the man with swords begins to appear in the room. The man tells Alvie that is enough. After all, he doesn't want to burn down his own apartment.

Elsewhere in New York, Valley has become Azrael, and using the info Batman has provided managed to track down Firefly. He interrupts the arsonist who is about to set a fire on the roof a building. While they battle, Ashley Quinn receives a report about possible arson, and rides off on his motorcycle. He arrives at the battle, and changes into his Ash persona. Firefly repeatedly mentions "Surtur" and says that Surtur is his very favorite Norse deity. Ash tells the two that he doesn't know which of them is responsible for the fire and begins to take them both on. He begins absorbing the fire, but is interrupted when some toughs show up. Firefly tells them that they're employees of the man who owns the building that he was hired to burn down. Ash and Azrael realize that they're on the same side and take care of the hired goons. Ash manages to capture Firefly before he can escape. He becomes enraged by Firefly's lust for fire and boots him off the building.

Down on the street, Ash and Azrael make their proper introductions, both in and out of costume. Valley tells Quinn that Firefly kept mentioning someone called "Surtur", and thinks that it may be important. Suddenly, they hear the sirens of a fire truck, and run off to investigate. It seems that while they were battling Firefly, another massive fire had been set.

Quinn and Valley stop at a diner to discuss matters. They view a news report that reveals that the mysterious arsonist warned authorities that the building would burn, and nothing they could do would be able to stop it. Valley has had enough and decides that it's time for more information. He goes to a payphone and calls the Oracle. He asks Barbara for information about somebody called "Surtur". Oracle tells him that Surtr was the Norse god of fire. She tells him that she can find more information for him, and to call back in an hour. Valley rejoins Quinn and discovers that the arsonist has made another threat. This time he's threatening "to give Poseidon many guests", unless the city comes up with 25 million dollars within 24 hours. Though somewhat reluctantly, Quinn and Valley shake hands and decide to team up to stop the villain.

Meanwhile, the older man from before is speaking into a tape recorder. He reveals that he was once a professor of mythology, who had always secretly wanted the stories to be true. While walking in the woods one day, he found an alien creature who claimed that his parents had abandoned him. The professor took the creature home, and began to care for him. One day, while the professor reading the Norse myths to it, the alien was able to manifest Surtr him. The professor realized that he could use the creature's power for revenge on all those he had felt had wronged him. He convinced the creature to summon Surtur and set signal fires to signal to his lost parents. Alvie enters the room and asks the professor who he is talking to. The professor tells the alien that he was just dictating his thoughts for posterity. He tells Alvie to look out the window at the harbor and scene of their next signal.

Back with Quinn and Valley, Valley receives a cell phone call from Oracle. She tells him about a fire that was set last year at a college hall. The fire was very powerful and there were only a few survivors; one of whom was a Professor Kiseddy whose specialty was in the Norse myth of Surtr. She gives Valley the professor's address, and he and Quinn head off.

Professor Kiseddy and Alvie look out their window at the cruise ship "The Queen Elizabeth 3". The professor tells Alvie that it is time to set their next signal. Alvie doesn't want to hurt the people on board, but Kiseddy manipulates the alien by mentioning his mother.

Across from the professor's apartment, Quinn and Valley(who has changed into Azrael), notice the burning ship. Azrael decides to go after Kiseddy, while Quinn will take care of the blaze.

While Quinn jumps aboard a fire boat, Azrael dashes into the professor's apartment building. Quinn grabs a fire hose, but is shocked to discover fire coming out of it. Left with no other option, he boards the burning cruise vessel and heads for the source of the fire; the engine room. There he finds the flaming figure of Surtr and confronts him by transforming into Ash.

While Ash uses all his might to absorb Surtr and the flame, Azrael confronts Professor Kiseddy. Kiseddy mistakenly thinks that Azrael is Surtr brought fully to life, but decides that it's even better that it is Azrael, the angel of vengeance. As Ash finally extinguishes the flame, Kiseddy tells Azrael that he can begin by slaughtering everyone in Brooklyn. Alvie interrupts and asks the professor if he thought his mother saw the signal fires this time. Thinking that he has an angel of vengeance and no longer needing the pyrokinetic alien, Kiseddy tells Alvie the truth about how he was using him. Alvie looks away upset. The professor turns his attention back to Azrael, and fails to notice the flames beginning to grow around his feet. Suddenly, Kiseddy notices that he is aflame and jumps out of his high apartment window screaming.

After all the excitement, Valley and Quinn meet up. They jump on Quinn's motorcycle and as they ride off into the sunrise, Valley tells Quinn about the professor and the child. When Quinn asks about whatever happened to the kid, Valley replies that he doesn't know; he just disappeared.

Elsewhere, Alvie stands in the shadows calling for his mother. A mysterious hand reaches down and tells Alvie that the signals were never necessary. It's time for him to go home now.


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