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    The aging magician named Professor Imam is the Wizard Supreme of Earth-S (Earth-712). Coming from the dimension of the Squadron Supreme, Imam is Marvel's pastiche of Dr. Fate.

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    Enter The Squadron Supreme, Earth-712

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    The enigmatic Professor Imam was the holder of title of Sorcerer Supreme for the dimension of Earth-712, also home to the Squadron Supreme. For his early years he was part of the U.S government's secret team of special operatives against Nazi takeover codenamed the Golden Agency. Along the original American Eagle and Power Princess he would assist in fighting wartime treats.

    Reaching a different understanding about his duties as Sorcerer Supreme he became reclusive, refusing to involve himself in much of the worlds affairs. Keeping his mystical third eye on the motivations of leading team of Earth-712 heroes, the Squadron Supreme, he did not intercede in their affairs. Instead, he claimed that much of his strength was spent and he must conserve what remained to train his successor in 443 years.

    After the Overmind had taken control of his Earth's governments and the Squadron itself, Imam was confronted by the renegade hero and former Squadron member Nighthawk. Nighthawk told Imam that he was searching for allies to help him oppose the Squadron's Utopia Program. The radical approach the Squadron had decided to administer as a new way of life to the people of Earth had been proposed by the Imam's former college Power Princess. but Imam refused. He agreed, however, to send him to the "mainstream" Earth to search for allies there. When Nighthawk returned, Imam again helped him to search for other super-humans on their native Earth.

    When Imam met the resident Squadron magician Arcana, he told that her son Benjamin would succeed him one day in becoming the next Wizard Supreme. The agents of the Serpent Cartel rounded up Earth-712 native magicians including Imam and Arcanna to stop any possible involvement in halting their use of the Serpent Crown to take over the planets governments. Imam was forced into a magically opened pocket dimension by the Cartel, not appearing for quite some years.

    Squadron Supreme: Death Of A Universe

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    Imam would later surface when the powerful Nth Man appeared in their dimension, his mystical awareness allowing Imam to be one of the first to recognize its threat to their universes existence. He alerted the Squadron Supreme and agreed to travel with them to confront the menace. However many of the members were killed while battling with the enormously powerful Nth-man. . The machine did not work. Inertia's power did not work. Imam's attempts to talk to the entity did not work. The Overlords' mental commands did not work. The sun was engulfed, and the being keeps growing and growing, nearing Earth itself.

    When Imam telepathically attempted to use his mystic power to directly communicate the bizarre Nth-Man, he learned his true identity and conveyed the information to the Squadron. Imam suffered a heart attack from the strain and died. But when the Nth-Man being engulfed the Squadron's ship, it came into contact with Arcanna's newborn son. Perceiving great mystic potential in him, Imam had appointed him the new master of the mystic arts before dying; but now the baby and the entity switched places. The baby is replaced by a common man, who then vanishes, and the giant white man is replaced by a giant white baby, who begins to shrink and release the sun, and then move to the other consumed universes to release them as well. Benjamen's substantial magical powers manifested when helping the Squadron against the Nth Man. Imam's soothsaying had come to full circle, just as he had told his mother Arcana, becoming the next Wizard Supreme of Earth-712.


    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Eyes: Unrevealed (Iman's eyes are covered, due to his blindness)

    Hair: Bald (white beard and mustache)

    Powers and Abilities

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    Professor Imam once had nearly limitless mystical power, as befitting his title of the Sorcerer Supreme of his native dimension.

    He possessed a greatly extended lifespan.

    In his latter years Imam focused on divination to observe outside events and search for his successor. He also provided teleportation and dimensional travel to Nighthawk.


    Professor Iman has been seen to utilize several mystical artifacts throughout his career as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-217. He uses a necklace containing a mystical Third Eye, "third eye that never blinks", this green jewel encrusted artifact gives him several enhancements to his senses.


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