Professor Frink

    Character » Professor Frink appears in 265 issues.

    Nerd, professor, and inventor. Often gets trampled by his own inventions.

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    Voice and mannerisms resemble Jerry Lewis' character of the 1960's "Nutty Professor". "Buddy Love" from the Nutty Professor, also played by Lewis, is who Frink's cool alter ego resembles. Professor Frink is a scientist in springfield and quite possibly one of the smartest people in it.


    • Hamburger Earmuffs- The professor had problems inventing this because of things called the "pickle matrix". Homer later stole the hamburger earmuffs.
    • Death Ray- In ray of warmth phase and hopes Grandpa will invest.
    • Gamble-Tron 2000- Made to predict outcome of football games.
    • Robo Bear- When Mr. Burns loses his teddy bear Frink makes this to try and cheer him up.
    • Run Away House- If detects burglary then gets legs and runs away.
    • Debigulator- Used to shrink Lisa.
    • Sarcasm Detector- Detects sarcasm.

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