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    Professor Hubert J Farnsworth is the 160-year old owner of Planet Express. His assumed date of birth since he was supposedly 150 years old was noted as April 9, 2851, but later his birthday was revealed to be on April 9, 2841.

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    Hubert J. Farnsworth was born April 9th, 2841, (age 160 in the year 3001) and grew up in New New York's nerdiest slum, Hell's Laboratory. He learned to read while he was still in diapers, at age 8.

    Farnsworth is extremely intelligent, but also insane. He often wishes to build doomsday devices, nuclear powered supermen, or seemingly useless devices. He is the great great great, etc, nephew of Phillip Jay Fry. He once worked for Mom's Friendly Robot Company, but quit after Mom wanted to turn a friendly toy robot into a killing machine. He teaches at Mars U, and now owns Planet Express.

    Farnsworth usually sends his crew on dangerous, suicidal missions, and appears to be very senile, as he often asks what's going on, or falls asleep easily. He also contradicts himself on a normal basis. He does not appear to be concerned with the safety of his crew, as he once sent them on a mission, and hired a new crew before they even returned, surprised at their return.

    At Farnsworth's 150th birthday, it was revealed that he was really 160. At the age of 160, people are taken to the Near Death Star by the Sunset Squad robots. They travel in a hover hurse, and the messenger appears to be the Grim Reaper. At the gates, there are two robots that guard entrance. After passing that, people are then declothed, washed, put in robes, placed in a rocking chair, and taken into a huge room. The buildings in the room appear to be giant headstones, separated by streets. Farnsworth was placed in a drawer, much like in a mausoleum. He was hooked up to a life support system, where he was in a virtual world, much like southern Florida. All the old people live in a nursing home style building where the play bingo, eat oatmeal, and wait for their children to call.

    Notable Inventions

    What-if Machine- shows probable outcomes of what-if questions.

    Who Ask Machine- used to find who should use the What-if Machine.

    F-Ray- Device that can see through anything, even metals.

    Anti Pressure Pills- a suppository used on humans to be able to withstand the pressures of deep ocean.

    Coolometer- measures the coolness of the person it is pointed at, read in 'Mega Fonzies.'

    Memoray- gun-shaped machine that helps people remember things with extraordinary accuracy.

    Smell-O-Scope- allows the user to smell objects from all across the universe.

    Death Clock- uses a finger to tell the finger's owner how long they have left to live.

    Angry Dome- used by the Professor to vent anger, and shake fists while walking back and forth while mumbling angrily.

    Fing-Longer- a glove with extremely long index finger, which allows the Professor to operate machinery from long distances.

    Electronium Hat- hat that allows his pet monkey Geunter to be a super genius.

    Planet Express Ship Engines- the afterburners give 200% efficiency, and instead of moving the ship, it moves the universe around the ship, and runs on Dark matter.

    Atomic Supermen - lab created mutated creatures with supernatural abilities, bred for the purpose of defeating the Harlem Globetrotters in basketball to defend Earth's honour.

    Parallel Universe Box - contains an alternate universe.


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